Shylock and bassanio relationship advice

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shylock and bassanio relationship advice

focuses mainly the plot with Shylock getting his pound of flesh from Antonio. The drama reminded immediately does all the correct things to win Portia's hand in marriage. Bassanio's . and took their advice on what direction we should go in. When his best friend Bassanio asks for a loan of ducats, he is unable to suggested that Antonio and Bassanio have had a homosexual relationship. How do we see Antonio react when Portia asks Shylock to take his pound of flesh ? Accessibility Help · Parental Guidance · Contact the BBC · Get Personalised. Shylock says Lancelot will soon see the difference between being in his service and being in Bassanio's. He then roughly calls in Jessica and tells her he's been .

It does not seem that Bassanio has any lands.

shylock and bassanio relationship advice

Could it possibly be a strange combination of the two where Bassanio was the younger son but there was not even an inheritance to give the older son. Bassanio becomes determined to go to Belmont to win her, but he needs money to do this. To this debate, there are three main stands.

shylock and bassanio relationship advice

The first is that the relationship is a homosocial one, the second that it is merely friendship, and the third is that Bassanio and Antonio are, in fact, family. To understand the homosocial stand, one must first understand what the term homosocial means. A homosocial relationship is very much like a homosexual relationship, however, the parties involved are not sleeping with each other, therefore the relationship is not homosexual. The stand that they are just friends is perhaps the weakest of the three, as there is little evidence that cannot be refuted on that issue.

The third, that they may in fact be kin, is also something of a strong argument, as the play states that the pair are kin. How does one know that the relationship is not homosexual, but homosocial? The playgoer knows that the relationship is most likely not homosexual because there are no references to Antonio or Bassanio being suspected of sleeping together, or that either of them has been labeled homosexual.

The relationship between Antonio and Bassanio may be homosocial, and support for this stand comes from the actions of both Antonio and Bassanio.

shylock and bassanio relationship advice

Antonio lends Bassanio 3, ducats and puts his own life at risk so Bassanio can pay his debts and go to Belmont. Three thousand ducats was a large sum of money during that age, and the penalty for failing to pay it would be even harsher. Shylock, whom they borrowed the money from, demanded a pound of flesh from Antonio if he failed to repay the money.

Antonio willingly agrees to these terms, and Bassanio heads off to Belmont to woo Portia. After Bassanio has left, Antonio becomes somewhat upset, almost as if he misses his friend more than he should.

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Antonio cannot pay these debts because his ships have wrecked, costing him much of his money. Bassanio learns this and leaves Belmont to return to Venice in the hopes that he might save Antonio. He could have just sent Shylock 3, ducats to pay the debt, as Bassanio would now have the means to do so. Also supporting the homosocial argument is the issue of the ring.

Portia gives Bassanio a ring before he leaves Belmont. She tells him that the ring symbolizes all the love she has for him and that he should never give it up, for if he does, he has forsaken her for another. In this age, unlike modern times, the man usually gave the woman a ring, but not vice versa.

shylock and bassanio relationship advice

Portia giving Bassanio the ring is more a symbol of her dominance in the relationship, but it becomes important to the argument for a homosocial relationship between Antonio and Bassanio. Bassanio left Belmont for the purpose of saving Antonio, but his efforts seem futile. In this act, Portia also hands Antonio his revenge on Shylock, whom she proves has planned the death of Antonio.

Portia declines the money, but demands the ring she gave to Bassanio. Bassanio at first refuses to give up the ring, but Antonio convinces him to give it up. Playgoers must ask themselves the question: Does he love Portia at all? These are the questions raised by the incident with the ring. One also wonders if Antonio is jealous of Portia. One must wonder, however, if the relationship between Antonio and Bassanio is just friendship.

The pair seem to roam within the same social circles and have many of the same friends.

shylock and bassanio relationship advice

Further, if the relationship was homosocial, would Bassanio have married Portia in the first place? By his marriage, Bassanio cuts off any chance of his relationship with Antonio growing into the realm of the sexual. The few things that refute this argument are the same things that lend themselves to a homosocial relationship between Bassanio and Antonio.

Portia gives Bassanio a ring to seal the match and makes him promise never to part with it.

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Lorenzo, Jessica and Salerio arrive from Venice with a letter for Bassanio from Antonio, in which he explains that he is ruined and Shylock is determined to exact his revenge by demanding his pound of flesh according to the bond.

She suggests that they settle with Shylock, even if that means paying him twenty time the value of the bond. Bassanio leaves for Venice but vows to return with all speed. Shylock demands justice Act 4 Scene 1 The Duke presides over the courtroom in Venice, where Shylock demands the penalty from Antonio for defaulting on the bond. Shylock resolutely demands justice according Venetian law.

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The Duke has sent for Bellario, a legal expert from Padua, but learns from a letter that he is ill so has sent a young man, Balthasar, in his place. Portia, disguised as Balthasar, enters the courtroom accompanied by her clerk Nerissa in disguise. Bassanio bids farewell to Antonio, who is told to prepare himself for the penalty. Outwitted, Shylock prepares to leave the courtroom but is called back to face the penalty for threatening the life of a Venetian citizen.

He will be executed and all his goods will be divided between Antonio and the state and unless he asks the Duke for mercy. Shylock agrees and leaves the courtroom. Bassanio explains that he promised his wife never to part with the ring but Antonio urges him to hand it over, so reluctantly he gives it to Gratiano to deliver to Balthasar. A messenger arrives to tell them that Portia and Nerissa will be with them presently. Lancelet Gobbo informs them that Bassano and Gratiano will also be home soon.

Lorenzo orders music and light to welcome back his friends. When Portia and Nerissa arrive, Lorenzo and Jessica promise not to mention their absence. Bassanio, Gratiano and Antonio arrive and are welcomed by Portia. Gratiano also reveals that Bassanio gave his ring to Balthasar. Both husbands are accused of giving their rings to other women.