Relationship advice super fruit merchandise

relationship advice super fruit merchandise

The International Home + Housewares Show may just be a couple of months .. based company offers Berry Sleepy superfruit sleep aids and Berry Awake superfruit energy shots. . Heeding this advice, Sandy Hook, Conn. It happened while I was waiting for a haircut at Super Cuts, while I was tips and lock down your logo design before buying too many t-shirts. Social media marketing tips: Here's what these social media experts Use social media to build lasting and profitable relationships with your current subscribers. Melanie Duncan, a serial entrepreneur, owns a successful apparel and you' re getting the low-hanging fruit of buying-intent keywords via.

A few hours after I posted update 2, one of my awesome readers submitted us to Reddit. Long story short, we gave away 30, tshirts. But when it comes to a lot of other things in my life, I can be pretty lazy.

As soon as I started making money with Single Grain, one of the first things I did was to go out and get some t-shirts made. I started out with an order of shirts, and since this was more than enough to fill up my closet, I decided to give the rest away to friends. I posted to Facebook to see who wanted a few shirts and was surprised when I ran out just a few hours after I put up the message.

Clearly there was a demand for my shirts! Since my supply was short, I put together an email list of people who were interested and started sending out the shirts with personalized notes. That excitement told me that I was on to something. My next order of shirts was much larger.

relationship advice super fruit merchandise

I ordered multiple colors and enough that I could give shirts to every person that wanted them. More than people were supporting our brand by wearing the shirts around town — allowing both the shirt project and our company to start gaining some serious traction. These days, our Single Grain shirts are our uniforms. Everyone on our team wears them, so when we all go to lunch together, we roll deep.

Even our book keeper wears our shirts every single day. Our team creates a new design every months, which keeps things fresh. The people on our email list always want to have the newest designs, which keeps our name out there — bringing in new business day after day.

No joke — this happened everywhere. It happened while I was waiting for a haircut at Super Cuts, while I was working out at the gym and while I was racing at the track. This has worked very well for me. Leverage Linked-In Join as many Linked-In groups as you can that are related to what you sell and post a question or tip on a regular basis.

If you have a blog or e-newsletter, post an announcement to your Linked-In groups with a link whenever you release a new issue or blog posting. Your Facebook friends can be your greatest free marketing tools so enlist their help! A great offer goes a long way quickly…especially through our favorite social networking sites! Twitter is a great place to share photos TwitPichost contests, shout out to loyal customers, have scavenger hunts, and promote events.

Think of ways you can incorporate Twitter into your promotions in a fun, engaging way. Thank loyal customers, retweet their tweets, and even host fundraisers. All the cool kids are doing it. Traditional Marketing Strategies Blog Tour Blog tours are like book tours, but without all the flying and cheap hotels and fast food temptations. Simply contact bloggers at any specific blog sites that fit your product and ship out a t-shirt, book or other product you offer and then also ask them to do a contest with their viewers.

Point your readers to each blog site that reviews your product. Readers at the blog tour site are told to go to your site to sign up for a free sample, or chance to win a free sample, as well.

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By having contest entrants choose among several products you get them familiar with your other products and get their email address too! Send a monthly postcard instead of a hard copy newsletter. List to reasons, including your skills, talents, and tasks. Give customers a coupon for a discount, or a free doughnut, or something fun to inspire them to call.

Look for decision makers with events that are a match for your product or service. Good fits mean quality networking opportunities. Make sure your gift bag offering has your website address, business card and additional offers that inspire recipients to follow up or at least check you out. Customers come to expect rewards when they are members of a program.

Surprises always work to instill loyalty and retention. When given out with or in place of a business card at a lunch, a meeting or in passing, small promotional items become a gift. Keep a small, branded and useful item with you. Tip calculator cards, tea bags, pens and pads, small flashlights or things very target specific to your industry, like small packets of flower seeds for a gardener or landscaper with their contact information on it.

Donate several of your products or services to a non-profit organization that is sponsoring a live auction and the proceeds will be donated to the charity. Your store name will be displayed on the products for the duration of the event and the donation is tax deductible.

How Giving Away T-Shirts Made Me Over $K in Revenue

Low Hanging Fruit Turn to those in your field for the low hanging fruit. Find larger companies, or older, more experienced businesses and invite them to lunch. With every successful referral send them a hand written thank you card enclosing a Starbucks or their favorite restaurant gift card thanking them for their support. This will help you build your customer or client base without having to spend a lot on advertising.

At least it gets my attention. Combining your database with other businesses will expose you to an entirely different segment of people for a shoestring of the price. They got great results. Make it fun and different. Help Other Employees Offer employee incentives to various big businesses, or to smaller businesses in your hometown.

Call their HQs and ask how you can offer discounts to their employees. All you need to do is tell them what the discount is and they will post it on their website or post it in some other capacity. You can also print off coupons for their Human Resource department to distribute, or send them a digital coupon they can email to employees to print off.

Online-Map Listings Online map listings are essential for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations.

relationship advice super fruit merchandise

They are the first thing people see on search engines. They offer a concise snapshot of business info so customers can easily contact you or visit your store.

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Small Groups It only takes one person to start a movement. For example, a monthly breakfast discussion on current news and events in the smart phone app industry, or manufacturing or outdoor gear retail industry. Leaders and business owners will come together in this informal, low-pressure situation, because keeping an eye on the state of the industry is their job.

Great Relevant Content We all know content rules, but what kind of content should you use? Relevant and related content the reader can use. Lots of people have the relevant content part down, but also create content areas, not just content.

These areas should be able to 1 attract users and 2 position you and your business as an expert in those areas. The content area should utilize your product if possible, but mostly it should have related content that attracts knife owners to your site. This may be content you have in some form on your website already, but having it in a trade magazine dresses it up and sort of puts a tuxedo on it.

I mean it makes you seem more credible because a publication is publishing your content. Demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as the go-to person for your product or service with this service.

Here is a list of trade mags to help get you started. Memorable Stories A convincing and free marketing strategy you can use to sell your service or product is by telling true, credible stories hopefully that include awesome facts and incidents involving your product —give specific and practical examples of what you have accomplished for clients.

Use real-life examples of projects you completed, specific problems you solved or successes you achieved. Relate your story through articles, blog posts, public speaking or by publishing a special report. Offer your customers, potential customers, and visitors to your website a free resource, such as a guide or report that is packed full of solid information related to your product or services in exchange for their name and email address.

Write A Book Write a page business book and self publish it with on-demand printing. Heck, write a page book and self-publish it. The status of being a published author provides you with unprecedented access to media, speaking gigs, and other opportunities like nothing else can.

Then write a white paper. Then write a series of short articles. Article marketing is a subtle way companies can gain exposure for their business by writing articles that provide information about news and trends occurring within their respective industries. Companies that incorporate article marketing into their marketing campaign demonstrate their expertise in their respective industry while simultaneously attracting new customers.

Other popular review sites include Yelp local businessesTripAdvisor travel related itemsand Viewpoints products. And you can use this strategy for getting countless, legit, reviews on Amazon. Get Endorsements If you are introducing a revolutionary new product, an endorsement from a top expert makes all the difference. Read your trade magazines and write the expert.

You will be surprised at how generous some of them are. Include their comments, or if you can snag an interview, put the highlights of that in your blog post as well. Teleseminars Host a one-hour tele-seminar with time for content, a specific offer and questions from people on the call. People are hungry for information and like to learn.

Create a web page with a sign up form and use email and social media to announce the call. Then make sure you have a really meaty, information dense, rocking teleseminar. Be awesome and attendees will return again and again. Web Branding Marketing Strategies A web presence is more than just having a website. Heck, even the animals at the local animal shelter have websites, some of them better than mine!

A web presence is how people find you as well as what they find. To get found in good ways, like winning awards etc. To get found for the good stuff, do this: Keywords Statistically, 3-out-of-4 Internet users live in North America, making exposure on the web critical. Even with all the changes to Google and to search algorithms, having a website that is keyword optimized is critical.

You need to be SEO optimized for what your small business does and where you are located. Participate in Trade Associations Business-to-business professional service organizations get the most bang for their buck when they impress prospective referrers with their capabilities. This participation enables them to a increase their visibility and b gain the opportunity for the consistent and frequent interactions it takes to build lasting relationships. Make the landing page a question survey. Enter a Business Award Competition There is nothing like entering a business award competition to strengthen the reputation of your small business.

Winning an award can catapult your reputation within your industry and with the sales audience you aim to attract. Many competitions cost nothing to enter — except for the time it takes to prepare your entry. Professional and trade organizations, chambers of commerce, Better Business Bureaus, universities — even churches are all organizations that host business competitions.