Relationship advice 2013 nissan

relationship advice 2013 nissan

Read our review of the Nissan Z interior at U.S. News & World Report. and the relationship between the seat and steering wheel makes for a great. carbon-free solar power and California's increasingly clean electricity grid and signed a three-year lease for an all-electric Nissan Leaf. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I have a + mile journey into the mountains looming.

relationship advice 2013 nissan

My right foot spent too much time near the floor to judge how achievable these figures will be in the real world. Nissans claims that an independent tester got the four-cylinder Altima to sixty in 7. My butt-meter registered mid-to-high eights, and that with the all-too-typical big four commotion under the hood.

With the six you also get shift paddles through which you can force the CVT to mimic a quick-shifting seven-speed automatic. Floor the go pedal and the CVT gradually ramps the engine up its 6, rpm power peak, then holds it there.

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Perhaps, but then midsize sedans comprise a uniformly soporific segment. With this positioning and perhaps cost in mind, Nissan has fitted the car with electro-hydraulic rather than pure electric steering. Last year the V6 was only available in sport-suspended SR trim. Perhaps Nissan felt the standard car behaved well enough without one? Throw the V6 sedan hard into a curve and it toes the line with moderate body roll and minimal plowing.

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Suspension tuning is much the same with the four, but its higher profile tires quickly lapse into a mushy scrub. Yet, aware that the great majority of midsize sedan buyers care little for performance or handling, Nissan projects that only ten percent will go this way.

A Malibu is cushier and quieter, but it also weighs a quarter-ton more and handles like a parade float.

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A Toyota Camry will continue to undercut the Altima by a few hundred dollars with the four and by over a thousand dollars with a loaded V6. Backed by funding from DOE and the stimulusthe number of charging stations, installed by companies like Coulomb Technologies now ChargePoint and ECOtality later purchased by the Car Charging Grouphave already spread quickly, especially in first-mover markets like California.

Even though a majority of charging is done at home or at work, more public charging stations are necessary.

relationship advice 2013 nissan

In my part of the Bay Area, competition for available charging outlets is already fierce, and my hometown of Concord, population , has yet to install charging stations at any of the customary spots: City Hall, the library or city-owned parking garages. But, alas, free public charging is unlikely to last for long.

relationship advice 2013 nissan

To recoup the costs for electricity, maintenance, and vandalism, Bay Area cities have already started to roll back this incentive. To put this in context, our Leaf has a 6. Nissan has stepped in to help with the charging situation. A little-known perk also allows Leaf drivers to charge for free at any Nissan dealership, provided the charge posts are not being used by dealership cars.

relationship advice 2013 nissan

Betting on better batteries: Given the fact that charging stations have proliferated, making slightly longer travel a breezemy aforementioned friend and I thought it would be fun to see how easy it is to do a proper road trip. Now I'm getting nervous. And I'd love some readers' help on how not to get stuck. The route, specifically, is going to take us from Durham, NC Elevation: I've got all day to get there, and will most likely be setting off in earnest after a full battery top up at TS Designs' charging station in Burlington, NC.

Most likely, I'll also be pausing in Winston Salem to go test-ride some e-bikes more on that separately and will get a full charge there. That leaves the following challenges that I'd love some reader advice on: Given the fact that I can BARELY get 80 miles in absolute perfect, non-highway conditions, how cautious should I be about stopping at the L2 spots along the way to top up?