Okonkwo and ojiugo relationship advice

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okonkwo and ojiugo relationship advice

During the Week of Peace, Okonkwo beats his third wife, Ojiugo, for not arriving 5 Tips From a Father to Help Daughters (and Sons) Have Meaningful Careers . Unoka is Okonkwo's father. Unoka is known throughout Omuofia as a failure and a disgrace. Unoka was poor, lazy and never really achieved. What is the connection between Okoye and Unoka? Okoye is a neighbor . Identify Ojiugo . What advice does Ezeudu give Okonkwo in chapter 7? He tells .

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A large part of the reason for this is Okonkwo's treatment of Nwoye. In order to teach Nwoye the right way to do things, Okonkwo chooses to threaten him with violence rather than kindly encourage him.

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For example, when Nwoye does not cut yams for planting properly, Okonkwo says to Nwoye that ''if you split another yam of this size, I shall break your jaw.

His father's disapproval is constant and overwhelming. Peace-Loving Boy The culture of the village is very much like it is in most Nigerian villages--very masculine and very violent, and this goes against Nwoye's tendency to be gentle or more feminine than masculine and peaceful.

Nwoye prefers listening to the tall tales that the women of the village tell than the violent stories of battle that his father tells.

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He is aware that society does not approve of this and when he pretends to prefer violent stories, ''his father was pleased, and no longer rebuked or beat him. For example, the village has a custom of leaving twin babies to die in the forest because they believe that identical twins are an evil abomination. When Nwoye, walking near the forest, hears the cries of a dying baby, ''something had given way inside him.

This issue comes up again when Ikemefuna, a young man who was taken as ransom from another tribe to avoid a war, comes to live with Nwoye and his family. But she does tend to infuriate her husband when she is or isn't around -- as we'll see shortly. Women in traditional Igbo dress Ojiugo Frustrates Okonkwo Ojiugo's main role in the novel is to push Okonkwo to the breaking point in one notable moment.

In chapter four, it's the Week of Peace, a week in which no violence and no work can occur as an honor to the gods and goddesses.

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Any violence is punishable by the high priest of the earth goddess. Now, knowing that Okonkwo is by nature a violent, angry kind of guy, this doesn't bode well for him.

okonkwo and ojiugo relationship advice

During the week of peace, Okonkwo is already in a hurry and in a bad mood. He discovers that Ojiugo hasn't done her job as his youngest wife and hasn't cooked the afternoon meal, which is a big no-no. Everyone else knows Ojiugo has gone to have her hair done and left her children home.

This infuriates Okonkwo, because she's still not home, and his traditional sensibilities are inflamed by this knowledge.

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Ojiugo returns home, and Okonkwo, despite desperate pleading from his other two wives, beats her mercilessly. But remember how this is the Week of Peace?

He's completely violated the sanctity of this event in beating his wife.

okonkwo and ojiugo relationship advice

Okonkwo, summoned to the priest, is lectured about his mistake.