Nietzsches sister relationship advice

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nietzsches sister relationship advice

Sex & Relationships Here's how Nietzsche approached the problem of the meaning of life and The person who is able to actually able fully carry out this advice, it seems, it still yet to come. He hated his family, was eternally lonely, women rejected him, his books didn't sell, he lost his mind, his sister. My Sister and I is an apocryphal work attributed to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. an incestuous relationship between Nietzsche and his sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, as well as an affair with Richard Wagner's wife Cosima. Nietzsche To His Sister - July, [edit] who in his relationship to his fellows always .. Meanwhile, on the recommendation of Overbeck, whom I asked.

Bright memories have their value but basing marriage on six months or two years of bliss seems silly. How many married men there are who have experienced the morning when it has dawned on them that their young wife is tedious and believes the opposite. All women believe themselves great conversationalists.

nietzsches sister relationship advice

You want to find an appropriate match. I once dated the woman who found the cure to West Nile virus. She saw the world in terms of molecules and I see movement and words. Sometimes it requires only a stronger pair of spectacles to cure the lover, and he who had the imagination to picture a face, a figure twenty years older would perhaps pass through life very undisturbed.

I prefer the folk saying of look at her mother to see what is to come. Generally choosing a bride above twenty-five will save you a lot of grief. We ought not to be permitted to come to a decision affecting our whole life while we are in the condition of being in love, nor to determine once and for all the character of the company we keep on the basis of a violent whim: Actually this more or less is the case for women.

They are issued a get out of jail free card by society. Allow us a term and a little marriage, to see if we are fit for the great marriage! It is a big thing always to be with another!

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Everything about woman is a riddle, and everything about woman has one solution: Man is for woman a means: But even the most sensible careerist women usually want a child or two. And will give up five years of career and professional activity to achieve that end even if not all at once, motherhood does entail serious long term commitments over time.

Marriage is often harmful and promotes the spiritual retrogression of the man. Marry a more spiritual woman, I say. On the other hand, for years I did have a girlfriend whose presence increased my predilection for red wine. I could better endure her conversation with a couple of glasses down the hatch.

nietzsches sister relationship advice

There is some higher or other power in this universe which only lovers and more often men and women can touch together: The magic and the most powerful effect of women is, to speak the language of the philosophers, action at a distance. Some truth to this. Find a woman who inspires you every day. Who makes you warm and glow. Happily married men are probably the most productive individuals of all humankind: Worst of all is a woman who will constantly make allowances for your failures or encourage you in your weakness.

The young Nietzsche

Failures should be forgiven but with a stern admonition to get up and try harder next time. Slovakia for all its good points is full of women who weaken their men with too much comfort.

Like children, men can be spoiled. Friends do not unquestioningly uphold, reinforce and echo our attitudes but provide new perspectives and interrogate our presuppositions. Exactly my point above. One of my good friends is pretty fed up with our progress at work steady but less than it could be.

Another friend has been letting her department slip for no good reason. None of us are any less friends but exactly as we are good friends we are pushing each other to work harder. The best friend will probably acquire the best wife, because a good marriage is founded on the talent for friendship. This quotation follows on, the point above. I used to be a very good friend, before I acquired a company or rather a company acquired me.

A warning to anyone else out there: Switch to products as early as you can. Products can be managed and left with the nanny. Even the great admen like the Saatchi brothers were in constant contact with clients, as was David Olgivy. Steve Jobs probably worked himself to death. Do we have time in this wired age for real friendship? From what I see of the most successful, the answer is no.

nietzsches sister relationship advice

One is either in attendance somewhere, studying a new skill, making something or writing about the last project. So how to find time for a real marriage when there is no space for friendship.

Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche

Marry someone with whom you work or who shares your profession or at least your passion. His rebellious spirit started to emerge during the first years of university when he decided to drop out of his theological studies and lose his faith. That was primarily affected by his decision to seek the truth, which, in his point of view, was diametrically opposed to religious teachings.

In a letter sent to his deeply religious sister, whilst trying to justify his actions, he mentions the following: During that time, Europe was experiencing a shift towards more materialistic and scientific worldviews and the general rebellion against tradition and authority intrigued Nietzsche greatly. As a result, the cultural influences led him to expand his horizons beyond philology and concentrate his study in philosophy.

This short period was quite detrimental for him because he experienced first hand the atrocities of war and he also contracted diseases like dysentery, diphtheria, and perhaps syphilis. Health problems would plague him for the rest of his life. His early writings were dominated by a feeling of pessimism that originated from a repulse towards the trajectory adopted by the German culture at the time. More specifically, he was repelled by the banality of the shows and baseness of the public noticed in events like the Bayreuth Festival.

Nietzsche was a true contrarian and his overall life stance was an attempt to escape everything that limits human capacity and seek the sublime.

This specific style of work was perceived as a reaction against the pessimistic philosophy of Wagner and Schopenhauer who were his major influencers during that period.

As a consequence, Nietzsche had to distance himself from this circle and pursue a solo career.

nietzsches sister relationship advice

Nietzsche and Wagner From tillhe forged his own path as an independent philosopher. This was probably the most turbulent period of his life since he experienced a plethora of tumultuous events and encounters. He resided to northern Italy in search of a milder climate. He met the infamous Lou Salome who stigmatized his life. Nietzsche during his last days On 3 JanuaryNietzsche suffered a mental collapse. Rumors say that the philosopher saw a man beating his horse on the street in Turin and rushed to intervene.

He collapsed in the street and never regained his sanity. He spent the last eleven years of his life on the verge of insanity sending absurd letters to his friends and surviving due to the care of his sister.

He died on August 25th, Oftentimes the gravity of his persona and the psychological tension of his world seem palpable in his sentences.

However, for the sake of brevity and practicality, I will expand on five that stood out for me.

nietzsches sister relationship advice

Aphorism 1 The advantages of psychological observation. More often than not, we are lost within the banality of superfluous acts and we fail to realize how awareness plays out across the span of our lives. Psychological observation is such a powerful tool that can offer presence of mind amid difficult situations and amusement during boring encounters.

This happens because we manage to approach things from a more analytical perspective and allow ourselves to control the narrative of each circumstance.