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Gin Ichimaru dies as Rangiku Matsumoto rushes to his side. This is a Of course , this is all speculation in regards to the true nature of the relationship between her & Gin. . There's ton of advice on how to deal with rejection. Those beautiful Bleach couple moments. . bleach original art by kubo tite coloring by me ichimaru gin and matsumoto rangiku lineart I have shed a few tears. While living in Rukongai as a child, Gin found Rangiku Matsumoto, a child herself , collapsed on the ground. He offered her some dried persimmon, which he.

Not reccomended for Kira fans The marvelous Theresa Green, recently retired from the site, typified this 'user's guide' format. I got her enthusiastic permission to do a Naruto one a long, long time ago But she's the genius behind it all, and I employ her technique with the strictest respect. Your GIN will provide several hundred years worth of entertainment and company, provided he's cared for well. It is suggested that you read through the following guide, to ensure protection of GIN's warranty and a minimum of stabbing incidents.

Ichimaru Gin also answers to 'Foxy' Sex: A few helpful functions are listed here for your convenience: Never again fear the threat of invisible, deranged creatures from beyond the realm of earth!

Your GIN will protect you to the death, after a few programming procedures are enacted. Don't get mad- get your GIN to get even.

With a natural shiftiness plus an abnormally fast weapon, GIN is the ideal tool of scorned Bleach fan girls and Momo-stabbing captains worldwide. Language barriers won't stand in your way any longer, porque GIN es muy intelligente. The following modes come pre-installed onto your GIN: The Hueco Mundo Plaything Dept. Murderous Child Hellion Mode may only be activated whilst 'Swing Back the Pendulum' is being viewed, as this is the only canon reference to little-kid GIN shanking people.

Even outside of this setting, your GIN is very prone to using force.

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Caution is required until a trusting relationship is established between owner and unit. Be reminded that the naturally turncoat nature of the figure makes it very hard to tell his intentions.

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Exposure to any units belonging to the Seireitei Squads or Court Guard Cuddlies could result in massive damage all involved units; these include the 'Ichigo and Ichigo Support Characters' series, and all members of the 'Vizard' line. While the mental health of involved RUKIA models is slightly endangered, it is altogether good for the health of your GIN unit for supervised interactions to take place.

See fifth opening of Bleach, 'Rolling Star'. To activate the sword, place the handle in your GIN model's flexing fingers. For years people have attempted to figure out the nature of this pair's relationship. To make a long story short, it's really up to the reader to decide, which is one reason why Bleach continues to be one of the most interesting manga after nearly 12 years of publication.

Question about Ichimaru and Matsumoto's relationship

Regardless, Kubo still gives a solid character foundation for our curious minds to ground ourselves to. Our belief is once we truly understand a character, you can perhaps understand the subtleties of the story more, and who knows maybe pick up a little extra knowledge along the way. Remember all creative work is subject to interpretation, and there really isn't a right or wrong answer, it's simply how we interpret the information. First up to the plate, Rangiku Matsumoto!

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One of the many defining components of Rangiku's character other than her breasts is her love of Alcohol, specifically Sake. This trait is extremely toned down in the anime, and when she is drunk, it's mainly played for laughs.

Although this is also so played for laughs in the manga, it is also subtly shown that Rangiku drinks more than just at parties. In chapter 80 of the manga, when Rangiku is first introduced, she arrives rather nonchalant to the emergency vice captains meeting. She holds her head and complains about not being able to find her captain and Renji subsequently asking who her captain was. In the anime it happens almost identically with the subtle differences being that Rangiku holds her head and the doorway and then walks in normally and Renji appears less concerned about the state of his fellow officer, than he does in the manga.

Chapter 80 Bleach 24 vostfr episode 24 start at 6: The fact that she also seems to have a habit of falling asleep in Captain Hitsugaya's office may also indicate the state and nature of her drinking habits.

More blatantly, in chapters page 17 which was drastically toned down to Rangiku being a little "buzzed" and page 5 a scene that was omitted from the anime, which simply cut to the results of the group's hard drinking this scene was omitted from the anime and chapter page 5 was toned down immensely in the anime. Also in chapters andshow Rangiku in a rather unnatural position.

That being said, in both chapters, Rangiku is bruised, emaciated, and quite clearly vulnerable, suggesting some sort of assault. Before we move on, I would like to stress once again all of this is theory based on evidence presented in the story, not anything officially endorsed by Tite Kubo or the rest of Bleach Wiki.

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Note the similarities of both the location and position of Rangiku in both chapters. This implied event ties into her connection to a real-world figure: