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Chrome Shelled Regios is an anime adapted from the light novel series of the same title by . Layfon thanks Nina for her guidance and her trust, hoping to work together for the good of the platoon. Layfon, Nina, and Sharnid Much of Layfon's past is revealed, including his relationship with Leerin. Gorneo also reveals that. At the same time Layfon was whispering to himself. .. Mi wants a better relationship with you. .. Layfon knew training was not enough for Nina to reach what she wanted, and he didn't know what advice to give in that area. It hadn't been a year since Leerin and Layfon parted at the roaming bus station. In the days when Nina wasn't around, Naruki directly felt the power of . Dinn if the Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang and Layfon weren't here? (But. .. Naruki knew from long ago that they didn't have a good relationship.

In the anime, all of Heaven's Blades have been revealed. Those who have a Heaven's Blade are referred to as Heaven's Blade wielders and receive a middle name as a title.

Her Heaven's Blade is a staff. Her power is a result of the three royal families of Glendan merging and condensing generations after generations and fusing the blood of Heaven's Blades Wielders. Savaris Qaulafin Lueckens Voiced by: Gauntlets Became a Heaven's Blade Receiver at the age of 13, his weapon of choice is a pair of gauntlets. He has long, silvery hair. Described as a "battle maniac" by Layfon, Savaris' only desire in life is to become ever stronger, and he holds little interest for anything else.

He has a younger brother named Gorneo, who is the leader of the 5th Platoon on Zuellni. He appears to have some ulterior motives concerning Haikizoku in general, most likely due to his desire to experience a greater power, though he didn't hide it from the queen. He later steals the Haikizoku power from Nina and in a fit of rage attacks Layfon, nearly killing him until his Heaven's Blade is returned to him and defeats Savaris in one strike.

Lintens reveals that Savaris had left but stated about how he will return soon. In the novels, Savaris is depicted as slightly less sinister than his anime self. After escorting Leerin safely to Zuellni, he approved of his brother Gorneo as the inheritor of the Lueckens school of Military Arts and helped him train during his stay. Later, he appeared to help Layfon in a battle against a matured phase filth monster.

However, after that battle he fought Layfon because he was after the Haikizoku which was in Nina. In the end, he sustained a fatal blow to the throat and would have died if Lintens didn't sew him up. Gorneo states that Savaris is the only one capable of mastering Thousand Man Rush and Roaring Kei though Layfon can imitate it to a degree. Savaris also mastered his own technique, which he used as a last resort in the battle against the filth monster with Layfon.

The battle in episode 1 was also different in the novel in that Layfon and Savaris were the last two to attack with Listence first in reverse from the anime. Savaris initiated his final attack, but he already used all his kei within 10 seconds. Due to a natural recovery time, he was trying to recover as fast as possible to finish off the escaping filth monster. When he did and caught up, Layfon was ahead of him by a second.

Here, Savaris notes Layfon's superior kei recovery speed. He wondered if this split second difference was all that was needed to determine a victor between the two of them. Lintens Savoled Harden Voiced by: Gauntlets Currently the strongest Heaven's Blade Receiver, Lintens utilizes a pair of gauntlets that enable him to control countless golden threads of Kei.

In the novel, it is revealed he came from another city; he was bored in his home city, the filth monsters were rare and too weak for him to enjoy a battlefield, and left when he was twenty, wandered for five years before stepping on Glendan, where he met the Queen that promised him he would meet a battlefield where he would be relieved not to be in, whom he has yet to.

Since Alsheyra became queen he was the oldest to be bestowed a Heaven's Blade. He lives in the quarter of the city for the wielders however he has an old apartment he does not clean as the Queen used to send maids, but since they all asked to go somewhere else she decided to come with a vacuum cleaner, which greatly annoys Lintens. Lintens taught Layfon to test him, because he was curious of his capacity to learn.

In spite of being very serious and anti-social to the point of hostility, Lintens acknowledged Layfon as his only apprentice and taught him how to use his steel threads technique. It seems he was impressed by Layfon's ability to learn kei-related techniques simply through observing them. Rapier The Heaven's Blade wielder with dark, long hair, purple eyes, and a veil over her face. She is most often seen with Queen Alsheyra. Whenever Queen Alsheyra leaves the palace, Kanaris is left to act for her by transforming into her appearance.

She continuously begs for Alsheyra to come back but to no avail. She has a very careful and serious nature. While Alsheyra does appreciate this fact, it also can anger her. For example, Kanaris researched the connection between Leerin and Alsheyra and was nearly strangled to death by Alsheyra for doing so.

Her Heaven's Blade is a rapier. Barmeleen Swattis Norne Voiced by: Gun The Gothic member of the Heaven's Blades. Her Heaven's Blade is a gun that can also transform into a cannon-like weapon. She was seen fighting off the Wolfmask Mob with Dickserio, though she thought he was the intruder at first and didn't really fight with him, not even answering his question about her Heaven's Blade.

And she was also present in the battle with a large Filth Monster and of Layfon's return as a Heaven's Blade wielder. She complained about how her appearance was late. In the novel, it is stated she talks like an old woman to people. Kauntia Valmon Farnes Voiced by: Guan Dao The long, pale-haired Heaven's Blade wielder.

Her weapon of choice is shown to be something of a pole-bladed halberd similar to a Guan Dao in the opening of the show. In the first episode, she reprimands another Heaven's Blade wielder for giving Layfon weak advice. She states that the only thing you need to do with Pollutant Beasts is dash in and slash them, apparently finding a battle with them easy.

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Queen Alsheyra responds with even higher standards for Layfon. She didn't want Layfon to be the only one to show off in the filth monster battle. In the novel, she is the companion of the Heaven's Blade Receiver Reverse. It is said that in battle, she focuses solely on attacking, completely disregarding all defense. Her halberd boasts ultimate attacking power, and paired with Reverse's ultimate defence, they form a formidable duo.

She is not from Glendan. Troyat Gavanest Filandeen Voiced by: Cane He is the purple haired man that was sent with Lintens, Cauntia and Reverse to fight the dying slave. In the novels, Troiatte is able to change the density of the atmosphere to focus sunlight and literally burn down his opponents. He is flirty and only thinking of women while quite keen on what happens in the castle. Delbone Quantis Myuura Voiced by: As many of you witnessed, Harry has a kei usage that is a complete enigma.

I am speaking of his reprimanding the fighting students on the first day of class. Somehow he used kei to remove their uniforms and attach the two fighting students to the wall of a building on campus.

I will say this. Harry has shared some of his life before Zuellni with me and quite frankly, I think he would be an immense asset to the military forces of Zuellni. We would know if the Den closed. How had they missed it? When the hood lowered, it was Harry. I had a wonderful counter-offer that he couldn't really refuse. Harry continued, "Since I also know all of you and I would say I am friends with most platoons, I don't relish the idea of permanently joining any one platoon.

I feel those actions would cost me the friendships I have in this room. Harry continued, "I don't want that, and I convinced President Loss of this. I will be cycling through platoons somewhat randomly, that way should a Municipal Challenge arise; I can be of some use.

But I don't think Kalian would like that. Kalian was grinding his teeth. Pink petals came from behind Harry. I wouldn't want Sharnid, Layfon, or Harley looking at me like that.

Nina shouldn't look at you like that either. Dinn raised his hand. I have never even sensed any kei from you. Harry twitched a finger and turned to Kalian. Felli says she wants to take our relationship to the next level and move in with me.

What are your feelings on that? After a moment, Felli's voice came from her nen'i petals that were around Harry. Kalian might get angrier. We'll talk later about your comment Harry. I need to think about it. Moving in with you is a big step, but has benefits. Once Kalian was able to speak again, he cleared his throat.

Harry will be facing off against the captains I have selected. They also now understood why the comradeship and respect had been granted so easily with the owner. When they arrived at the field, Harry was already there. Some of the instructors were as well.

All of the captains sat in the spectator boxes and watched as Harry faced off against his opponents. When Kalian cried out, "Begin! A silver ob was hanging in midair. It was Gorneo who noticed it. Harry's voice echoed from everywhere. I could have taken out all of you, but where's the fun in that? If you want to catch me, follow the bouncing ball everybody.

A device that stored, then released kei? The Alchemy Department would go crazy. He would have to ask Harry if they could borrow one. They could have defenses against Contaminoids, even to use in Municipal battles. That alone would make the agreement that Harry not attend classes worth it.

All of the captains were shocked when Harry shimmered into view and followed the remaining four captains into the woods. Moments later, there was a massive explosion. A large plume of dirt flew into the air, along with the limp body of Gorneo. It suddenly hung in mid air then floated over to land next to the other captains. Four of seven captains had been taken out in under a minute. Kei shouldn't be able to do that. Did Harry use kei or nen'i? Another captain was rolled out of the woods wrapped up in a bush, unconscious.

Its branches pinned his arms to his sides. The sixth captain was set down by a rapidly appearing, then disappearing Harry. Vanse jumped out of the forest, his outfit was singed, cut, and missing pieces.

Vanse was by far the best Military Artist in the Regios.

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He looked positively ragged. It hadn't even been three minutes. Vanse lunged towards Harry. He was blocked by… his own sword?! Harry held Vanse's sword in hand and Vanse had a tree branch.

Most of them had been channeling kei to their eyes and ears but they hadn't even seen how Harry had pulled that off. A flash of red light when Vanse was still in shock and he crumpled.

Harry's voice was heard. That is the only technique I could use to incapacitate you without permanently injuring you. The headache will last about an hour. Harry shook his head and helped them up. Get me your orders before class. It would be an automatic defeat for whoever was against them. Harry turned to Nina. Could I borrow him later on this week? Harry checked his watch.

See you all later. The staff and captains all were silent until they were back in the meeting hall. It was a long moment before anyone could speak. Finally someone blurted out, "How can a chef do that?!

It wasn't between humans and Contaminoids. It was between humans. Apparently where he is from, a place outside of a Regios, some of the kei and nen'i users tried to kill off everyone who couldn't use it. They don't use DITEs either.

He was fighting against people who wanted kill those who couldn't use kei or nen'i. He wanted a simple life when he came to Zuellni. He wouldn't go into detail beyond that. Felli confirmed he was telling the truth. Kalian looked at the assembled captains. No one outside of the Military Arts program is to know this information.

Harry confided in me that while his techniques are top-notch he is weak with hand-to-hand. He will be obtaining a DITE and will be improving his hand-to hand combat. He will be training with military platoons only. Not students going into the Municipal Police. Kalian grabbed his leg out of reflex. The pink petals left the room. Harry arrived in his apartment and changed from his battle gear.

What possible counteroffer could he give that made you go with this option? In response, I was teleported, for lack of a better word, outside the Regios. I was there long enough to feel the sting of the toxins in the air. Moments later, I was back in my office. I was then told in no uncertain terms that Harry was not going to listen because he wasn't a soldier for me to command.

Quite frankly, I feel that there isn't anyone here strong enough to force him.

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He had the entire First Platoon immobilized, disarmed, and captive in my office before they could do anything. I am positive he could have finished the fight with the captains faster, but he wanted to show them some respect and also show all of you that he is indeed powerful. He said that he will fight for three reasons. If Contaminoids threaten the city he will stand in defense of Zuellni.

In a Municipal Challenge to keep the city from dying, he will do all he can to have us win. Harry also knew we only have one sernium mine left. He said that Zuellni herself told him. She had to wonder if Felli knew that. Did Harry say if he was willing to help platoons train? Anything beyond that, ask him yourself. I would recommend that you take Felli's advice and treat him no different than you do now. She knows him better than anyone.

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She was given lunch the previous day and was amazed at how good things were. It was no wonder the Den was popular. Every vegetable was checked. Every loaf of bread, pound of cheese, cut of meat, or any other ingredient was either accepted or rejected.

All throughout the process, Harry explained small details to her. When she asked his suppliers if they minded his scrutiny of their wares, they just shrugged. Everyone knew Harry bought from them.

That gave their businesses a prestige of sorts, so it was perfectly fine with them that he took his time. Besides, he didn't take all the best stuff. While Mey-shen cut vegetables, Harry prepared the meats, got them cooking, and then started on making sauces for the day. She admits that she will not deny his way of thinking, but she does not understand it, concluding that he should resign from her platoon after this mission. Nina does not listen to Layfon's suggestions due to rejecting his philosophy of doing anything to live.

In the past, Layfon had participated in underground matches, leading up to his expulsion from the Heaven's Blades. He fought Gahard in an underground tournament, critically wounding him.

Layfon determines that the life-form is actually Gandoweriathe electronic spirit of the ruined city in the form of a golden goat, said to be known as the Fallen One.

Felli is kidnapped by Shante, but she is later saved by Gorneo. She accidentally thrusts it into the selenium reactor, causing an explosion. Layfon pipes it down by firing a huge amount of kei at it.

Layfon brings Gorneo to safety, while Nina saves Shante from plummeting. As a reluctant Felli spots the rest of the 17th Platoon at the resort, Kalian suggests Nina to teach her how to swim. Meanwhile, Layfon is convinced by Naruki and Mifi to teach Mayshen how to swim as well.

However, Felli develops jealousy after seeing Layfon and Mayshen together. In the flashback, after Ailain guns down the mutant dogs, the bridge collapses during the chase. Felli frustrates over and over about Layfon, and if it was coincidental for him to be teaching Mayshen.

At night, Felli sees everyone talking to Kalian about a deal of some sort. The next day, Layfon agrees to teach Felli this time around. Kalian, having noticed Felli being bashful toward Layfon, summons him to an armored room, questions his relationship with her, and warns him not to harm her in any way. Later at night, Nina and Felli are taken hostage by a group of terrorists. After grabbing their DITEs from the front desk counter, the two take down the terrorists.

Felli soon realizes that Kalian bribed the platoon into teaching Felli how to swim in order to limit her telekinetic energy. A maddened Felli then infiltrates the armored room and kicks Kalian in the shin, supposedly shattering his shinbone. Sharnid chances upon Dinn Deethe captain of the 10th Platoon, who is also at the restaurant, but the latter is upset that the former left his platoon.

After recalling his time spent in the 10th Platoon, Sharnid spots Dalsiena Che Matelna and starts to follow her in the streets. Naruki drags Layfon to a crime scene where they have people using overload cornered in a garage. An unknown redheaded male busts through with a katana and escapes. In the flashback, after the bridge has deteriorated, Ramis is traumatized by the sight of a thousand eyes. Luckily, Ailain is able to eradicate them all.

Haia breaks Layfon's adamandite sword, but Layfon beats Haia off the roof into a nearby store, sending a kei blast and causing an explosion. Meanwhile, Dalsiena apprehend Sharnid on a rooftop, asking why he left the 10th Platoon and why he broke his vow. Myunfa Rufa shoots a bow and arrow at Layfon as a distraction, and this allows both Haia and Myunfa to make a run for it.

The two break into Gorneo's room, much to Shante's irritation. Haia wants to know if Gorneo has information about the Fallen One. Layfon, giving up his adamandite sword to Harley to have it repaired, declines the offer to use a katana for combat. In the flashback, Ramis sees a travelling inspector, who says will protect her via plea bargain from a man connected to the Kalfa family.

As it seems that Nina is worried about Layfon, Naruki interrupts them and asks for their help to solve the issue concerning the overload smuggling. Meanwhile, Felli meets with Haia and Myunfa, along with Kalian, at the train station. As Naruki suspects Dinn to be behind this, Nina later goes out on her own and confronts Dinn to stop what he is doing, but he says that he is doing it in order to become stronger for the good of the city.

Nina explains to Layfon and Naruki that Sharnid suddenly left the 10th Platoon during an inter-platoon match.

Dinn was angry and challenged Sharnid, but the latter showed no defense and took a beating. Sharnid then agreed to be in the 17th Platoon because of this. Kalian comes up with a plan to disband the 10th Platoon, in which Layfon must team up with Haia to stop Dinn, but Haia sees Layfon as a disgrace for relying on the adamandite sword instead of mastering the katana. During a municipal challenge long ago, the former captain of 10th Platoon became dejected after her team had lost.

Sharnid, Dinn, and Dalsiena made a vow to defend the city with their own hands, but their friendship started falling apart as a consequence. Because of that, Sharnid wants to reconnect with Dinn and Dalsiena again. During the match, Dinn begins to feel the side effects from the overload. On an open field, Sharnid parts the ground using his sniper, separating Dinn from Dalsiena. As Sharnid engages in a battle against Dalsiena, he interrogates her if the vow had any meaning to her.

When Dalsiena has the upper hand, Sharnid mentions that Dinn was using the overload and hid that fact from her. In the flashback, an attack at the inspector's office has occurred, and Ailain goes outside to take care of it, while Saya stays behind with Ramis.

Layfon begins to fight against Dinn, but as the latter is defeated easily, he goes into a berserk state due the presence of a Fallen One. Haia comes in and captures Dinn in order to extract the Fallen One. In retaliation, Layfon challenges Haia to a duel, and the former wins, much to the latter's surprise. Nina figures out that the Fallen One is showing a projection of Dinn's consciousness. Sharnid fights off Myunfa, while Dalsiena finds Dinn deep into the forest.

Even though Dalsiena had so much affection for Dinn, she tells him that the 10th Platoon should no longer exist. While Layfon decides to help Mayshen in the kitchen, both Nina and Felli spy on them. When Sharnid shows the two a peelerthey fight over it until Layfon leaves the kitchen, saying that he work is already finished.

During a mock match, Layfon faces off against Naruki, along with the other platoon members, taking her out with ease and winning the match unaided. As the crew later sits down for dinner, Nina scolds Layfon for sharing sandwiches with her that were originally made by Mayshen. Layfon receives a letter passed under his door to meet Mayshen at a bridge. After he apologizes, he explains that he was exiled from Glendan due to breaking the law of the military arts.

The bridge suddenly starts crumbling, and Layfon grabs Mayshen to safety as he slices through the falling rubble. However, as it seems that Mayshen remains unscathed, it is Layfon that has been severely wounded. Felli, visiting Layfon in the hospital, sees that Nina visited earlier and brought him flowers, much to Felli's jealousy. Nina is already aware that Layfon's surgery is scheduled on the day of the inter-platoon match against the 1st Platoon, making her that much more determine to become stronger.

Sharnid requests Dalsiena to join the 17th Platoon, not only to fill in for Layfon this time around, but also to become an official member of the platoon. Mifi and Naruki informs Layfon that Mayshen blames herself for his current condition. During the match, Nina is overwhelmed by Vanzeh due to her predictable movements. Shortly after Layfon's dismissal from the hospital, Mayshen meets with him by the train station, where she thanks him for protecting her.

After Mayshen is dropped off at the next station, Layfon goes to see Kalian elsewhere, who summons him to temporarily join the Salinban Mercenary Training Group in order to destroy the incoming contaminoids that the city is slowly heading towards.

Dalsiena is highly disappointed for by the fact at how badly they lost against the first platoon in the inter-platoon match. Nina, receiving word that Zuellni has run amok, goes into a chamber inside the machinery department, finding Gandoweria hovering over Zuellni, who is encased in crystal.