Kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

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kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

Furthermore, nine years is a long time to maintain a relationship with a human. . She and Saber meet with Kiritsugu and Maiya a limited number of times during The Einzbern Consultation Room takes place in the same continuity as Tiger. Kiritsugu sees his sexual relationship with Maiya as a rehearsal before this . Kiritsugu asked for Taiga's advice and her answer helped his decision about. Kiritsugu and Irisviel shielded their eyes from the brightening light of the summoning but as and while Kiritsugu had been avoiding the Saber, Irisviel hoped to form a good relationship with him. . Maiya backed away from her master and headed to the pile of papers that .. Why is he ignoring his advice?.

She and Saber meet with Kiritsugu and Maiya a limited number of times during the war to decide which Masters and Servants to focus their attacks on, but rarely worked together.

After Assassin, Caster and Lancer are defeated, she agrees to a ceasefire proposed by Tokiomi Tohsaka under the stipulations of "offering information about Rider and Waver Velvet 's hideout" and " Kirei Kotomine 's deportation overseas". Irisviel returning Avalon to Kiritsugu. As the vessel of the Holy Grail, Irisviel grew increasingly weaker as the Heaven's Feel progressed since as the Servants were being defeated, her functions as a human being had to be suppressed so that her body could act as a Holy Grail.

Nonetheless, even Avalon's protection had its limitations and eventually she became physically incapacitated and was unable to do anything but lie inside a magic circle and talk. When Kiritsugu came to say goodbye before she became incapable of remaining conscious, she entrusted Avalon to him. During the final days of the war, Kiritsugu and Saber searched for the remaining Servants and Masters while Maiya was left to protect Irisviel.

They are confronted by Berserkerin the guise of Riderwho abducted Irisviel and mortally wounded Maiya. Following her abduction, she is taken to Kirei Kotominewho asked her what Kiritsugu's wish for the Holy Grail was due his personal interest in the man. Displeased with her answer that Kiritsugu wanted to create a world without conflict and that Kotomine would never understand her husband, she was killed by Kotomine by strangling her and breaking her neck in the anime; she is rendered unconscious in the light novel.

Archer had never thought he and Kiritsugu would be so similar. There was a sound, and Archer turned to see Kiritsugu stepping onto the balcony. Assuming his Master had something to say to him, Archer started to move from his position, stopping only after he had realized Kiritsugu was staring heavily out into the darkness.

Evidently he had forgotten Archer was there. Sensing a private moment between husband and wife, Archer shifted from his perch; he was about to leave when he heard Irisviel speak. You would never forgive yourself for abandoning the Grail. You would kill yourself," Irisviel said, and Archer wondered if that were true. Saber will protect you. Maiya opened the door. Archer turned away, slipping into spirit form and keeping a respectful distance. It wasn't any of his business, after all. He found himself drifting toward Irisviel's quarters, where she sat hunched on the edge of the bed.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

She saw Archer approach and lifted her eyes. The ambient light in Irisviel's room was a warm orange; unlike the rest of the castle, which was cold and harsh, Irisviel's room had a decidedly more feminine touch.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

He looked around and saw embroidered pillows and soft blankets, and a basket of knitting sitting inconspicuously in the corner. There were dark circles under her eyes and her hair hung limply over her shoulders, and Archer frowned, despite himself.

She patted the spot beside her on the bed, scooting over. Neither of them had mentioned Archer's identity.

Irisviel von Einzbern

Ever since Archer's assassination attempt at the summoning, neither Irisviel nor Kiritsugu openly acknowledged Archer's past. I'm not sure it is the safest place to keep you. It is only the Einzberns who keep their castle far away. Archer watched as she pushed back a loose strand of silver hair, tucking it behind her ear. In a lot of ways you remind me of my husband. But you're both very kind. He could see her eyes start to dim a little. Irisviel lifted her eyes. Her eyes were gentle.

There wasn't a trace of self-pity in her voice. Archer hesitated, searching for his words. If that's the case, the world will have no need for a guardian such as myself.

And while that wouldn't tip-off most people, she could see it in his eyes. The same pain and sadness that was in Kiritsugu's eyes… "…I'm fine. Irisviel frowned at the action; he was obviously not "fine". But it was obvious that he didn't wish to talk about what was making him upset. But you have lived outside far more than I have, so…" The Saber simply shook his head before taking another drag of his cigarette, not saying another word.

Irisviel sighed at the Servant's lack of communication. Despite that he was talking a bit more than when he was first summoned, it was still hard to make him say anything more than a few words.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

Just 'cause you killed a guy by the ocean doesn't mean that you gotta hate it! Is something wrong with him? And man, you should have seen that honey he was with!

Was he talking about Kiritsugu's assistant, Maiya? She hadn't seen the woman except from pictures, and she had to admit that the woman was pretty. I guess Kiritsugu brought her to aid us. She smiled before saying, "He's determined the battlefield he wishes to fight in.

Perhaps we should accept his invitation? If you go there, who's to say that fucker won't jump you from behind? You ain't stupid enough to fall for this shit again, are ya? I mean, these guys are bonafide heroes man!

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

They're probably as big of bad-asses as you! Who's to say that one won't put ya six feet under? I mean…" "Shut up. All of those who were parading around today in the town have only cowered away, fortifying their positions. Turning to face them, the handsome Lancer smirked. Am I correct in thinking you are Saber? The aura about the Saber was dark, a mixture of negative emotions; regret, loneliness, hatred, and… self-loathing?

But the thing that struck Lancer the most were the Servant's eyes. The Lancer, during his life when he was a man named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, had fought in many wars. He had killed many men in the name of his lord.

But in every war, there was always at least one person like the man in front of him. One who had given up his own soul for selfish reasons, fighting for neither a lord nor a loved one, but for themselves.

A monster that had taken the lives of hundreds of people, the innocent and guilty alike, merely because they had stood in his way. The Servant of the Sword only nodded in response, confirming his identity as the Saber. This only made the Lancer tighten his grip on his disguised spears. Fate has brought us together for the Holy Grail War.

But, you will not be the one to defeat me. No, I will be the one to slay you in this duel. As it hit the floor, the Saber's form glowed before his suit was replaced in the clothes he had first been summoned in, his sheathed sword gripped tightly in his left hand. Irisviel took her own stance, arms stretched out before her and ready to cast as she gave her first order to her Servant.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship advice

As the bloody red spear came within inches of the Saber's head, the samurai's eyes snapped open as he unsheathed his sword faster than even the swift-footed Lancer could follow, parrying the spear and attempting to reverse-kick the Irishman's head with his right foot. The Lancer quickly blocked the blow with the shaft of Gae Derg but grimaced at the force of the blow before pushing him off.

The Lancer swung his spear with its tip aimed for the Saber's neck, only for the sharpened blade to imbed itself in the swordsman's sheath. The Saber quickly brought up his sword, forcing the Lancer to step back in order to avoid being cut in half while pulling Gae Derg free from the sheath's grip. Backing away from each other, the two warriors sized each other up, just as a small cut appears on Lancer's left cheek.

Irisviel could only gape with the awe of one witnessing mortal combat for the first time as the Saber began to attack with sword and sheathe alike only for the Lancer to dodge or knock it to the side with the end of his spear. The battle was intense, and it was a wonder why neither combatant bore greater injuries than some thin, simple cuts. It truly seemed like the two Servants of the Knight Classes were evenly matched.

At least that's what Irisviel thought until a second later. The Saber and the Lancer's battle had now gone back to where it began with the swordsman relying entirely upon his blade and making use of his sheath as a means of defense against his opponent's spear.

Every blow made by the two Servants echoed across the docks like the knelling of funeral bells. The Lancer was sweating and even panting a bit, but his narrowed eyes never left the swordsman, while the Saber only looked just a bit frustrated.

The spearman stepped forward, attempting to stab the Saber again, only for the Saber to jump over him and land behind him in a crouch. The Lancer whirled around to face him, but the Saber was a fraction faster, sword flashing as he turned his whole body with the slash, intent on separating the Knight of the Spear from his head.

Closer and closer it drew until… A flash of yellow swatted the sword away.

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The Saber's eyes widened as the previously discarded yellow spear of the Lancer was held once more in his right hand. Using the moment for his advantage, the Lancer stabbed Gae Derg forward only for the Saber to duck beneath the jab, the crimson spear passing through his afro and cutting off some hair, before leaping back.

Lancer flicked Gae Derg to the side, removing Saber's blood from the Noble Phantasm, before settling into a favorable stance with both spears pointed forward at sharp angles. Irisviel focused her magic upon the Saber's wound, making her body glow with the passing light of a healing spell which flared across the open wounds upon the Saber's head and faded to reveal unblemished flesh. He had expected no less from one who was declared as a Master of the most illustrious of the three Knight Classes despite the tarnished soul staining the class with his presence.

Honor-less men who fought for their own selfish, petty reasons not caring how many men they killed to achieve their goal. They killed the weak with the strong, only using the strength necessary to kill even if it cost their opponent their dignity as a blooded warrior. I have brought out my Noble Phantasms, swordsman. You best bring out yours if you wish to live longer. I would kill you at your strongest, to preserve my own honor. Bringing his left hand to the back of his head, the Saber untied his headband.

Once the knot was loose, the Saber threw the lengthy piece of cloth at Lancer, who caught it easily. Like the previous headband, it was a simple white cloth with a red dot at the center. However, the thing that made it different from its predecessor was the kanji for "one" on its left side while a single horizontal stripe was on its right.

Irisviel thought in shock as a wave of powerhit her body. Whatever the headband was, it held immense energy in it, something that confused the pale-skinned homunculus. The headband was nothing but a simple piece of cloth… Wasn't it? It seems that even murderers had a code of honor. Tying the headband securely across his forehead, Lancer readied himself at Saber, who now held his sword with both hands, before the two Servants launched themselves at each other.

And I thought you loved your Papi… I thought that all those souls you sent to heaven behind you mattered. But only now you see, your little anger is just a sea spray of blood in the endless ocean of this world's killing…" "Aw man! No more mister nice 'fro! The Magus Killer kept focusing on the fight between the two Servants, which was now more brutal than ever.

Their strikes were inexplicably faster and stronger than before with neither of them stopping even for a moment. While the Saber received many cuts from the Lancer's spears so too did the Lancer also suffer from his own injuries. Blood was flying in sprays of crimson with every blow they rained on each other. Kiritsugu had to admit, for all the complications the Saber brought to his initial plan; the Servant of the Sword also produced good results.

With luck, the Saber just might eliminate a Servant from the war in the second battle. Is it really alright leavin' yo main squeeze out there? And I don't think your gun is gonna solve this one. Couldn't you have just gone down there yourself? She was safe, but looking a bit disturbed by the sheer brutality of the fight. Don't you wanna hear what I got to say about that stalker that's watchin' this little show without a ticket?

The Saber's Master clicked his tongue in annoyance before thumbing the radio and muttering, "Maiya, there has been a complication…" "Who would have imagined that the boy we once knew would return as such a… mad executioner. Driven by only his murderous rage…" The Lancer greedily sucked in deep breaths, trying to ignore the pain his body was in and the blood that flowed from his wounds, which made the two spears he held slippery.

He simply gripped them harder as he glared at his opponent. The Saber was not without injury, in fact, he was just as wounded as he was. Gae Buidhe had struck only glancing blows, creating numerous, bleeding scratches but not one that would prove fatal.

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This murderer who was called forth as the Saber… was just far too skilled to be killed easily. It pained the Lancer to admit it, but he and the Saber were evenly matched. And that headband… Lancer thought as he narrowed his eyes at the headband on the Saber's head, which miraculously remained untouched like the one on his own head. Saber's strength, speed, even his endurance have increased since he put it on. Just what sort of Noble Phantasm is it? The Lancer did not know why the Saber had him wear his former headband before he put on the new one and he didn't really care.

His honor demanded that he fight on equal terms with his opponent, even if he was a cold-blooded killer. Thus, he would continue wearing the headband, at least until he killed the Saber. He never knew the subtle shift in his own abilities, as the headband silently declared him second only to he who was the Number One and thus, the only force on this World or any other capable of taking the Saber's life and headband for himself.

All that he knew was that he had to end this soon, lest he die from blood loss. The Lancer stabbed Gae Buidhe forward, aiming for the Saber's chest.

As the yellow spear broke ebony skin, the Saber kicked the Lancer's wrist, making Gae Buidhe fly into the air and leave a long gash on the Saber's chest.

The samurai then twisted his body to push off Gae Derg and swung his sword, leaving a horizontal gash in the spearman's chest that wept blood, but was not too deep to be a mortal blow. The Lancer gasped in pain as he righted himself, aiming his spear at his opponent.

No matter how many blows you land on me, I will…" The sound of a battle cry and the roars of oxen snapped the Lancer out of his speech before something impacted the ground in between him and the Saber, blocking their vision with dust and lightning. The Saber though, far from distracted, saw use in the Lancer's moment of confusion.