Jemma and fitz relationship advice

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jemma and fitz relationship advice

Future fic; established BioSpecialist relationship; borderline crack. There's something about Jemma and Grant that just grabs a girl and does not let go. He went to Fitz for advice, forgetting that whenever Fitz went, Skye. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons just got hitched. In "The Even before that, though, the two had a rather complicated relationship. Fitz spent. Unwelcome Advice. By: vulnera- Fitz and Skye looked to Agent Coulson for confirmation, and he nodded. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Jemma Simmons." . Had Tony Stark just given him relationship advice?.

That being the case, she hadn't heard a word he said.

jemma and fitz relationship advice

Though he managed to strike a deal with Kasius to get her hearing back, Fitz didn't have a chance to propose again -- but only because she beat him to the punch. During the climax of the episode, Quake attacked Kasius and his gallery, distracting them long enough for Simmons to slash Kasius' face with a knife. As Fitz opened fire on everyone else, she leapt out of the box and down into the fighting arena.

Fitz followed soon after, just before the shield went up and cut the gallery off from the arena.

jemma and fitz relationship advice

Fitz spent some time pining over Simmons, which culminated in him revealing his feeling to her. However, she didn't reciprocate -- at least, not yet. Shortly after, a Kree monolith sent her to the planet Maveth. Fitz risked life and limb to save her and managed to pull her back through to Earth. I admire him in all respects," Fitz explained. The knowledge, the confidence - he has it all and I'm amazed at how much he's accomplished. I just…" He sighed heavily. No, that's not what I was saying-" "Oh my god Fitz," Skye said laughing.

You're jealous that he's giving Simmons so much attention. No, no no-" "Yes. Yes yes, yes," Skye said interrupting him. Don't worry, I won't say anything. But you should probably do something about it. Let Simmons know I wanna chat about Mr Stark as soon as she's done. Well yeah, in general. But because of Simmons? But the more he thought about it, the more anxious he became. What if he was jealous? What did it mean? If he was jealous — and he wasn't saying he was — did that mean he had feelings for Simmons?

He felt his heartbeat increasing and tried to take a deep breath to calm himself. He couldn't have feelings for Simmons. She was his best friend, his partner. They'd been joined at the hip since college and had never been apart, which was why he joined this team in the first place. He couldn't stand to be apart from her. It would have been torture not seeing her every day. He felt butterflies in his stomach. Thinking about Simmons had made him worry.

He'd never felt so strongly towards her as he was right now, and he didn't really know what to do about it. He slowly went back downstairs and made his way back to his work station. He had unintentionally timed it perfectly; Tony was ready to leave. He took Simmons' hand and shook it once again, to Fitz's frustration. You have some ideas I'm sure he'd be fascinated to hear about.

jemma and fitz relationship advice

Just then he turned around to address Fitz. I have a couple questions before I leave about one of your prototypes. I must admit I'm one for gossip, so spill. He opened his mouth and then closed it, opened it again and raised his eyebrows in surprise. The man opposite him chuckled.

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Honestly though, those rules are a waste of time. We just work together. I mean we're best friends first but there's never been a romantic relationship between us. Don't worry; engineer to engineer, I'm all for true love — I'm not gonna rat you out.

Who am I to spoil what you two have going on? We aren't a couple. Never have and never will be. Tony picked up on it too. What was with everyone today? I'm not about to-" "That woman couldn't stop talking about you. Honestly, I felt like she was trying to sell you to me for a first date or something.

jemma and fitz relationship advice

And I'm telling you, a woman like her won't be available for long. Trust me; you're going to want to at least try. Hopefully next time your team visits New York you can stop by Stark tower. I'd love to show you a few things. Had Tony Stark just given him relationship advice?

He must be going crazy. He returned to the lab with shaking hands and sat back at his station, but his heart wasn't in it. He looked over at Simmons who was tidying up her own work station. Her hair, in loose curls today, fell around her face and made her kind features seem even softer.

Her actions were gentle, her strides graceful. All this he observed in a matter of seconds. These were things he had noticed before, but never thought more about at the risk of feeling them more deeply. And sure, he'd had feelings for her in college but he'd worked hard to get rid of them. Up to this day he thought he'd done a good enough job that all he felt for this woman now was a deep seeded affection. But reflecting on his behaviour and reactions toward Tony Stark, even he wasn't stupid enough to deny that he felt something much, much more.

Simmons pulled him from his thoughts. Simmons raised her eyebrows. You should be ecstatic! We just met Tony Stark, the man you idolise. I swear he was even better-" "Yeah I get it," he snapped irritably. It didn't escape my notice how well you got along with him.

Fitz and Simmons: A Love Story (Spoiler Warning)

I'm sorry; I just didn't expect you to enjoy his company so much. Usually I'm the only one you're so enthusiastic around. Because Mr Stark and I got along? A wedding that will seal what we all know to be true: FitzSimmons is the greatest romance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel may be the very finest at delivering superhero blockbuster movies with characters fans have fallen in love with, but romance is not the MCU's forte, and never has been.

Pepper was originally the long suffering personal assistant subservient to her boss Tony's whims, eccentricities, and sexual dalliances. Arguably the only one who really admires this pairing and desires a storybook ending with Pepper is Tony himself. And this is the foundational romance of the MCU. Steve and Peggy simply didn't have enough time, with fate cruelly creating a situation where Steve remains young and vital while Peggy lived a heroic life for decades without him, aged, and died - though they briefly and sweetly reunited.

As consolation, Steve has sparked a romance with Peggy's much, much younger niece Sharon Carter, but even they have been kept apart as a result of the Avengers' Civil War.