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Name: Ok Taecyeon Age: 24 Grade: Senior School: Ssangyong Major: Art and Culture Out of Ham EunJung DramaFreak Taecyeon has been in relationships but is now single more interested in other things, in his 24 Many of his classmates go to him as a last resort for advice or help, because although he may be. When she was on the wa | Tags: 2pm eunjung fxband khuntoria leejoon nichkhun victoria. Noona trying to advice you urgh,” Song Qian absolutely surprised when he . they would think about next step to make Eun Jung soften her heart toward Taecyeon. . since i really love khuntoria couple back then. Ham Eun Jung as Yoon Baek Hee. Jang Woo Young Dream High - Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, JOO · Someday - IU •Favorite Relationship• I'll take any recommendation into my consideration! •Until next.

Every time it played, it made everthing seem epic and they were accomplishing their goals. I felt close with each character and each character were close with each other. The felt like the drama taught you a lot of real life lessons if that makes sense as the characters experience new things and learn from their mistakes. I'm not gonna lie, but I felt like a proud mom everyone they accomplished something.

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This drama mad me feel all types of feelings, it was definitely a rollercoaster. I couldn't choose between them! Kang Oh Hyuk was someone who at first didn't seem as caring, when in reality he was. The reason for this was because of him who supposedly "swooned" Hye Mi's mother, making her mother leave her, her sister, and father. Hye Mi always hated him for what he did.

The real reason for this was because her mother was dying. She didn't want her family to suffer, so she asked Oh Hyuk to make her seem like a bad wife and leave her family. Instead, he suffered from her death since he cared and loved her.

He sacrifice so much for his students, his house, money, job. He truly cared for them and did everything he could to help them debut.

Song Sam Dong was very cheerful and bright. He was caring too and always had hope. Until the 10th or 11th episode I can't remember which onehe turned dark and reserved.

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Since he saw Hye Mi and Jin Guk kiss, his heart was broken. He just fell to the ground and his body went limp. Anyway, there's no problem with the maturity too and viewers can enjoy the scenes without any awkward situations regarding skinship between the couple.

They actually looked relaxed with each other and they progressed naturally throughout the episodes. The difference in language is also interesting to watch. The locations shown were also awesome! They were so beautiful and postcard perfect which added a more romantic feel to everything. Every scene and action lacks emotions and it felt forced. It's like the director said we should do this so I'll do this and your reaction will be this I guess because they don't meet regularly like in the Korean version where they meet 2x a week to shoot and doesn't communicate outside of shooting they live in different countriesthey lack the real feeling and it shows during filming.

The language barrier, I believe, is a factor too which is very evident with Taecyeon and Gui Gui. Her English is not that good and she doesn't understand Korean that well so Taecyeon needs to talk very slowly in English as if talking to a kid. It made their relationship more like a father-daughter haha.