Elizabeth and booker relationship advice

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elizabeth and booker relationship advice

All of this information gets dumped on you by Elizabeth, the girl whose . Thanks to some advice from an imaginary Booker ghost (which I'll. Sen. Cory Booker, on the shortlist of Democrats who might challenge President Trump in , is trying to keep his relationship with Chanda. Elizabeth's relationship with DeWitt reminds me of the relationship between Elika and the Prince in Prince of Persia. But our girl is less flirtatious.

Too close than he would have liked, under the circumstances. There were too many policemen for him to take on at once. He needed to distract them somehow, and pick them off, one by one. Booker activated his Bucking Bronco vigor with a twitch of his hand and sent the men flying into the air, suspended by an invisible force. He grinned, aimed his pistol, and fired, ignoring their screams with practiced nonchalance.

Easier than shooting fish in a barrel. The men's bodies thudded to the ground, and Booker made a mental note to search their bodies afterwards. Every bit of ammunition and food mattered in this insane hellhole of a city. But he had been sure there was another one.

elizabeth and booker relationship advice

Where the hell did he go? Booker DeWitt had always been a good shot. One pull of the trigger tore the man's head apart, showering his surroundings with skull fragments and brain matter. His headless torso fell to the ground with a thump. He ran over to the girl, wincing at the blood and gore that splattered her clothing.

elizabeth and booker relationship advice

Any of that belong to you? I was just a bit too close when you- when you-" "Right, okay.

Take What I Can Get [Booker/Elizabeth]

He needed the girl unharmed for his debt to repaid, but there was also something more than that. Against his will, Booker had gotten attached to the girl; she meant more to him than just a package to be delivered.

He wasn't really sure why- perhaps because of her innocent nature- he supposed fifteen years of being locked up in a tower would do that to a person- or maybe due to her uncanny resemblance to his long deceased wife. Hell, he was old enough to be her father.

Booker grimaced and pushed his thoughts out of his mind. This wasn't a time for that. Besides, we gotta get you cleaned up. Well, he couldn't blame her. The girl didn't usually find herself in the middle of actual combat. It must have scared the hell out of her to see someone's head getting blown off just a foot away. You saved my life. Hell, you've probably saved my life half a dozen times with your luck for finding med kits and ammo.

Elizabeth had taken off her bloodstained shirt, leaving her rather exposed in only a skimpy corset.

elizabeth and booker relationship advice

He looked away hurriedly. I really mean it. If it wasn't for you I would still be stuck in that prison, with Songbird as my only company. Real person, I mean. Not like those pictures of Comstock in my books. Elizabeth pulled back slowly, and Booker stared at her in shock.

You're also the first person I've touched since then. Don't you like it? I read a lot of books about it, but I've never tried it in real life. Hell, I'm thirty seven. I'm seventeen years older than you. It's just- don't you rather want someone closer to your own age? Elizabeth bent forward, giving him a spectacular view, if he may say so himself, and met his lips into a passionate kiss.

And that was when he heard a familiar ripping noise somewhere in front of him. She then folds his arms in a dignified pose and places a rose in his hands before hurrying along with Booker to their next destination. When you get to Emporia for the first time, the residents are attempting to flee the area in fear of the Vox Populi.

You pass a barge attempting to escort people away and a hear a husband trying to convince his wife to jump so she doesn't get left behind. The wife is crying hysterically that she's too terrified to jump. The voice acting of the distraught woman will rip your heart out. The moment loses some of its gravitas when you look back to see the barge leaving and no one is left on the ledge implying that she and the others there made it after all but it's still heart wrenching to see.

Or a terrible case of Fridge Horror when you realize she may have jumped and not made it onto the barge. Lady Comstock's audio recordings are increasingly difficult to listen to, as the woman becomes more and more disillusioned by her husband's actions, but feels she can't call him out on them because she once considered herself beyond redemption too, but Comstock offered it anyway.

And when she does finally break and decides to confront her husband And that's not even talking about that time when he forcibly resurrects her and treats her to a Fate Worse than Deathso he could use her to kill Booker, and get Elizabeth.

It's a bit of a small one, but there's a hidden area in Comstock House after the Vox take Columbia, in which the music stops and you hear the radio announcer ask for help. The tone of fear in his voice is just unnerving.

Also, doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in that he's still broadcasting music even in the midst of all-out warfare. Hearing Elizabeth be tortured through the tears in the Asylum, begging for mercy and desperately saying she'll be "Comstock's Daughter" is just gutwrenching. Worse is the obvious panic in Booker's voice every time he says anything during that portion of the game.

The announcement you hear in the projection room in Comstock House. Coupled with the music that plays, it is rather tragic if you think about it. The Songbird's death should count. Being drowned at the bottom of the sea, whilst Elizabeth looks on, sadly telling it to let go, while it screams in agony and tries to reach her.

elizabeth and booker relationship advice

Sure, it was built to be an abusive partner, but it obviously loved her in its own twisted way, and she cared for it too. The Songbird's eyes finally switch to green just before dying, indicating it's in a peaceful mood, having decided to Face Death with Dignity. Oh, and did you notice the Little Sister crying over a dead Big Daddy in the background, just after Songbird's death?

That's how Elizabeth could've been. Arguably made just a litle bit sadder, once you've played the Burial DLC, and see just what Songbird went through, and how it pair bonded with Elizabeth in the first place. The entire ending crosses with this and a Wham Episode.

It turns out Booker is Comstockand thanks to manipulation in The Multiverseended up convincing himself to give over his daughter, Anna, who grew up into Elizabeth. Booker would become Comstock after using his baptism to forget his past, which went horribly rightin one universe, while a different version of himself refused.

And the only way to stop all of it is to drown Booker before the baptism so none of it ever happens.

Close Call, a bioshock fanfic | FanFiction

The sound of Booker's voice when he realizes that Elizabeth is his daughter is especially heartbreaking. And after that realization dawns, three words are enough. There's also his desperate voice during that scene: Turns out they both did. And it's a Heroic Sacrificesince drowning her father wipes herself from existence, as each version of her vanishes. The entire sorry state of affairs, the building of Columbia and all its ills, Elizabeth's dimensional kidnapping, lifelong imprisonment, and later emotional and physical torture, ALL of it traces back to the fact that Rosalind Lutece managed to contact her male alternate dimensional counterpart, fell in love with him, and made a deal with the devil Comstock to fund building a gate to reach him.

Without her Comstock would just be another crazy small time cult leader. She never got to see Paris after all. Towards the end of the game, all Booker wants to do is to forget about the deal and take her to Paris. The strain in his voice makes everything sadder.

A Fridge Tear Jerker in that, while Booker presumably wanted the girl to wipe away a debt there is no debt but to themselves. Right before Booker and Elizabeth enter the universe where Booker becomes Comstock after his baptism, she asks him if this is really what he wants, but you can tell how heartbroken she is in her voice.

elizabeth and booker relationship advice

Even though she knows that this is the only way to stop Comstock, she's still heartbroken by what she has to do. Elizabeth is wearing the brooch Booker picked for her in this scene, but none of the Elizabeths that show up afterwards are, meaning that none of them are "our" Elizabeth—the one we played through the game with. So in a very real sense, Elizabeth's question and Booker's answer are the last words they ever speak to each other.

All the songs become tearjerkers themselves after one playthrough. Even Booker's office is a bit sad when you look around it enough. There's bottles and decks of cards strewn about, showing his addiction to gambling and drink. But there's a bed in the corner, and the other only room is Anna's room. This makes you stop and think: That possibly Booker had enough debt to the point that he had to sell his house!

Is Cory Booker for real?

If he even had a house in the first place That apartment may have been all he ever had, even before the debts. The song "Will the Circle Be Unbroken? And if that's not enough to make you bawl, listen to the OST version of the song — you don't need to listen very closely to hear that Courtnee Draper is basically fighting back tears herself by the end.

And in that same vein, the first song that plays over the end credits, after witnessing the end and knowing what you know now - the already-sombre barbershop quartet version of "God Only Knows. Events come full circle for the Franchise, to the first titles Good Ending with Jack and the little sisters. At great cost to Elizabeth.

What she did will never be known. The Stinger is a happy Tear Jerker because it implies Anna is in the crib and Booker will finally get to live a normal life with his daughter. Something that overlaps with Fridge Horror can be found in this post: Out of all the tragedies in this list, absolutely none compare to the flying city itself.

Columbia, the ultimate embodiment of mankind's hopes and dreams, the epitome of ingenuity, the bastion of progress and the potential epoch of a glorious future, is utterly twisted and deformed into an absolute nightmare filled with racism, unethical experimentation, false salvation, slavery, unstable timelines, mechanical monstrosities and broken dreams.

Seeing something so beautiful become twisted by the same forces that helped build is absolutely depressing for any player. When Booker and Elizabeth change the timeline so that the city never existed, it's like Travis forcing himself to shoot his beloved Old Yeller who has become rabid to put it out of its misery. While it's a monster, the Songbird can't actually help what it is.

It used to be a human being, but it's been altered in a way that makes the handymen look like they've received a mild cosmetic surgery. It genuinely loves Elizabeth like a daughter, but it has no idea how to express that in an appropriate way because it's literally incapable of considering that its behavior might be to her detriment.

While it's incredibly dangerous and needs to be stopped before it can harm either Elizabeth or Booker or pretty much everyone in Columbia, franklyit's a tragic villain completely at the mercy of modifications made to it by a religious zealot and his hyper-capitalist lackeys. Booker was only eighteen when he had Elizabeth.

One of the most somber and sad moments in the game comes at the end of the "Frozen world" part after songbird takes Elizabeth. You fight all the way to the end, then an old woman has you join her on a ruined platform, revealing to Booker that he's many years in the future, and an old and weary Elizabeth is burning New York to the ground.

After giving Booker a card to give to Elizabeth, he asked her what it is, and she called it Advice.