Taylor swift berlin 2014 meet and greet

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taylor swift berlin 2014 meet and greet

Swift recounted her version of events during a encounter with D.J. David Mueller. A meet-and-greet is supposed to be a situation where you're She's reportedly working in Berlin as an artist and magician—or, take. Unlike Swift's previous tours, where tickets were like gold dust, they're Charli XCX, Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift perform at Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour. In , she released , which is a sophisticated 80s-inspired pop .. Fan captures moment Bono cancels Berlin show after losing voice. Depositions from those in Taylor Swift's camp paint a picture of what they took the European leg of her blockbuster The RED Tour show to Berlin's, Dent was on Swift's security team at the time of this meet and greet. near the end ) said right after they met Swift, Mueller commented on the photo.

Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran - I See Fire [Live in Berlin (02/07/14)]

With her three albums sold over one million sales in the first week, she becomes the first female artist to reach such accomplishment. Actually, even before her tour launch, she played several shows and dates in UK and Australia.

taylor swift berlin 2014 meet and greet

In this debut tour, she performed up to shows. Various venues were used for this tour. Speak Now World Tour - After the success of her debut tour concert, she made another accomplishment in her Speak Now World Tour in with shows in total done around the world. Here are some cities to mention.

taylor swift berlin 2014 meet and greet

Some cities are the same ones where Fearless Tour was held. It goes the same with the concert venue.

taylor swift berlin 2014 meet and greet

Red Tour - Inthere was the Red Tour which was just as amazing as the previous tours. No, it was even greater than the Speak Now during the previous two years. With that much cities the show was held, there is no telling how much are the exact gross earnings obtained. If the Red Tour is greater, the World Tour might even be the greatest. It has started since May 5, and will end later on December 12, If you want us to mention the city, here are some of them.

Is there any Taylor Swift concert in Phoenix, Arizona then?

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Even so, she has announced there that there will still be two tour dates in Arizona. They will be on August How about the venue? There is not that much change, but they are not always the same either. Taylor Swift concert tour in Detroit might be held in the Palace of Auburn Hills in her first debut concert tour, but this time it will be held in the Ford Field. Take a better look at the schedule in main event entertainment website. Take your chance to meet and greet her! You need to stand out from the very beginning.

We got a bit nervous and had to go back to our room about four times because of forgetting some parts of our outifts but we got there on time and even got to play some ukulele and sing with other fans waiting in line.

taylor swift berlin 2014 meet and greet

We would go to every floor and block trying to spot a blond lady in black. Every couple of minutes the fans would stop us to take a picture with them they loved our costumes and that gave us an encouragement.

About 15 people came up to me and said they had seen my project from 13 cities and wished me luck with meeting Taylor — it made me so happy: Once we got back to our sector the dancers came out to say hi to the fans.

taylor swift berlin 2014 meet and greet

He also said he feels sorry for Taylor being sorrunded by people all the time and not having her privacy and then added she is a stronger person than you might think and she handles it very well. It made me sad, it must be really hard for her actually.

No wonder why she spends her days off watching TV with her cat. We grabbed our presents and letters and run up to her but it was almost impossible to get noticed because of the crowd. When the security said our time with Andrea was over and she needed to go backstage mama Swift saw a Grammy award that Eva made for Taylor. She absolutely loved it and asked for her seats. I got to tell her about my project too and she asked for my seats as well. After that Andrea picked some people from upper tiers and gave them the PIT or first row tickets.

I experienced something strange, I was in some kind of trance. I was holding my poster for 3 hours and never put it down. Can you imagine my emotions?! I was jumping up and down, screaming, singing, crying… and can barely remember a thing.

Thank God there is youtube. I love to remember details, moves, facial expressions. There are only a few flashbacks in my head which is sad. But there is one thing I remember very well — when TS guitarist Paul Sidoti saw a bracelet with his name on it that was on my hand, smiled at me and gave me the guitar pick.

There were only a few songs left which meant there were less chances for getting Club Red. I was jumping higher, singing louder and trying to spot mama Swift in the crowd. During the song 22 I run up to Taylor and gave her a five as she was carried by two dancers to the B-stage.

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I never gave up though. I had the feeling they would pick us at the very last song. A minute before the show was over I saw Andrea walking by and watching the fans including me and Eva. It was the time we had to give it our all.

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I performed the most fun and energetic dance choreography in my life. I was in the ecstasy. A few seconds later one of the staff members came up to us and asked: Are you guys together? Would you like to get an invitation to Club Red? We started jumping up and down, screaming and crying, we hugged each other and then hugged the lady that shared with us the good news and we thanked her. And then I saw a smiling face in the back — it was Mrs. Swift looking at our reaction.