Meet my horses 2014 super - News - 8th and 9th horse-racing meeting – 8th and 9th March

meet my horses 2014 super

They rally around a common passion: their horses. A man doing a trick at a trail ride in Southern Louisiana, A man doing a trick at a. 8th and 9th horse-racing meeting – 8th and 9th March The Premier class race features a full house of 16 first class trotters, some of the Vivier, Super Gordon, Wonderofyou, Count Wiesnievski, Quioco Dry, Oscar des. Thunder, the Bronco's mascot, is going to the Super Bowl. Thunder's job is to lead the team onto the field, and run across the field every.

meet my horses 2014 super

Thunder was flown because his owner and trainer were worried about the cold conditions and what might happen to him if he was driven to the Super Bowl. There are actually 3 horses who serve as the Broncos mascot. Thunder I first appeared as the Broncos mascot on September 12, and was retired in All three horses are purebred Arabians.

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Below are some videos and an article about Thunder and the Seahawks mascot who's awesome too for you to enjoy. Thunder was traveling by plane and may make a few television appearances.

meet my horses 2014 super

No word if the same is true for Taima, who has the impressive ability to dart through rings of fire. Super Bowl fans are going to be thunderstruck by the team mascots on Feb.

Thunder the horse and Taima the hawk — whose name means 'Thunder' — are both flying into town ahead of Sunday's big game. Fleet-footed Thunder, the white Arabian gelding who sprints across Mile High Stadium every time his team scores, is expected to touch down Thursday at Newark International Airport. The year-old departed from Denver early in the morning dressed in a dark blue, padded Broncos rug. The Bronco mascot is traveling first-class in a cargo plane, accompanied by his rider, Annie Wegener, and a special groom.

The 9-year-old augur hawk sports a distinctive black head with a unique cream-colored throat with a dark stripe. Cross-country truck transport was introduced in Louis, there are several tours that provide a visit to the Budweiser Clydesdale Paddock and Stables.

When the horses are not touring, they can be seen as part of a tour and visitors can have a picture taken with them. Several professional handlers accompany each team. Often, one handler has night duty to provide round-the-clock care for the horses. Transportation for each hitch requires three foot semis. Two carry the horses, the third transports a red, white and gold beer wagon and other equipment.

The team stops each night at local stables.

Children 4 Horses: Meet Thunder the Broncos Mascot

An obedience-trained Dalmatian dog also travels with each hitch, a Budweiser tradition since the s. Historically, the role of the dogs was to guard the wagon and protect the team while the driver went inside buildings to make deliveries.

meet my horses 2014 super

However, the company reversed its position after asking fans to vote on Facebook whether to include the horses in an ad, compared against two other potential spots. As a result, the company aired a Clydesdale-focused ad during the fourth quarter, [17] one of nine ads aired by the company during the game.

Louis' float, co-sponsored by Budweiser, in the Tournament of Roses Parade from to