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meet hollyoaks cast 2014

She joined the cast when she was 14 and stayed for five years, before . While Max met a grisly end on his wedding day in , O.B. had a much She then reappeared for a select few episodes in , and Hollyoaks is a British television soap opera that was first broadcast on 23 October .. Cameron meets Leela at the cabin, and plots to murder her for cheating on him. Meanwhile, Courtney, Tegan and Peri go to the river, where Tegan and. Cleo McQueen is a fictional character from the British soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Moore) and Celine McQueen (Sarah George), who arrived in late Upon learning she has been cast as Cleo, she gave up her job as a waitress and of this year we're going to meet an extended branch of the McQueen family.

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So as not to disrupt anything, the big Hollyoaks fans in our group had to keep their excitement to a minimum when confronted by some of the cast members, who we occasionally ran into during their on-set breaks. Visits to the Hollyoaks police station enticed some play acting from us: Lewis was promptly interrogated, narrowly avoiding an afternoon in the cells. Popping into the Hollyoaks Hospital ward, it was too much to resist hopping into bed and feigning death.

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Amongst their ranks were the actors, writers, casting, press, researchers and the online team. Volunteers speak to the Hollyoaks team It really highlighted the fact that being trans is a very individual journey for each person. It was just really great to meet such passionate and driven people and I feel I have definitely met future friends.

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In saying that, there is still plenty for me to learn. Laura Halligan, Researcher Our job as All About Trans volunteers is based on building positive relationships and making friends, letting media professionals know that they have a contact in the trans community: Sasha's biggest storylines saw her become addicted to heroin and start dating drug dealer Warren Fox.

Eventually the character left the soap after discovering brother Calvin had left Warren to die in Nathalie's star has been shining brighter than ever since leaving Hollyoaks. Not only does she play Missandei in Game of Thrones, but she also featured in Furious 7 in Who could forget these two? They don't make double acts like Max and O. The BFFs - played by Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries - became staples of the show when they joined as teens in and respectively.

While Max met a grisly end on his wedding day inO. Actors Matt and Darren are still thick as thieves and run their own media production house called Little Jeff Productions.

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In just a few short years she'd become a teen mum, fell for young offender Ste Hay, and tried to fleece people for money after claiming her daughter had leukemia.

The character's most memorable storyline saw her become a victim of domestic abuse - at one point having her long blonde hair unwillingly cut off. Actress Ashley first left the show in She then reappeared for a select few episodes inand But her character was killed off for good by a mystery assailant in March Like many in his age bracket, his original storylines focused on him settling into Hollyoaks High.

However the character took on a more adult-oriented role when he began sleeping with teacher Becca Hayton. Justin left the soap after a rocky relationship with Hannah Ashworth - played by Emma Rigby - in Chris would later play Tommy Duckworth in Coronation Street before a controversial rap got him the sack in Earlier this year it was announced he'd be joining The Full Monty tour.

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Walker is devastated and becomes even more determined to get his revenge on Brendan. He steps up his plan for revenge when Brendan calls him for his help in disposing of Joel's stepfather, Mick's body.

While they are at a rest stop, Walker hears a noise from the boot of the car and discovers that Mick is still alive. He tells him that he is an undercover police officer, and that Brendan will pay for what he has done to him, before suffocating him with the plastic sheet that he is wrapped in. In an attempt to get close to Brendan, Walker kisses him and allows Brendan to have sex with him. At the holiday home Brendan admits to Walker that his father abused him something he has never told anyone.

Shortly after Walker calls his police contact and reveals that he finally has Brendan where he wants him, but is surprised when Brendan reveals himself to be on the other end of the phone call. Shortly after an explosion occurs and Brendan is injured. At the hospital, Walker tells Brendan that he is going to hurt his loved ones and admits to watching Lynsey die.

meet hollyoaks cast 2014

Brendan gets a gun for protection, but Walker steals it. Brendan later finds Walker holding Ste at gunpoint and tackles him, resulting in Walker firing the gun and accidentally hitting Riley Costello Rob Norbury.

Walker quickly leaves the scene and then calls Brendan, revealing that he has his son, Declan, and is planning on injecting him with drugs until he overdoses.

meet hollyoaks cast 2014

Brendan, Ste and Doug find Declan unconscious in a lock-up and get him to the hospital. Walker sends Brendan a video message and, believing Declan to be dead, says that it is goodbye.