Meet and greet one direction 2014 nashville tn

One Direction | Bridgestone Arena

Click here for One Direction Concert Tickets, Concert Dates . The most affordable locations in the past have been Nashville, TN and Albany. One Direction is coming our way. In The hit One Direction summer tour dates: 6/ Ft. 6/ Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena. As part of the Take Me Home Tour, One Direction performed in Belfast, Northern With U Tour stopped at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

The group consists of members: While the band failed to win the British talent show, the boys won a lot of fans and did secure third place on the show.

NKOTB & One Direction Video Concert Reviews – Nashville, TN – June 18/19, 2013

The band is one of the first to have achieved such extensive fame solely through the use of online social media platforms. Live reviews One Direction One Direction's performance was spectacular. Even though One Direction was the main event, their opening performances were a great hit. Jamie Scott and 5 Seconds of Summer really know how to please a crowd, especially when they are all so good looking. The stage was massive and had many great features including moving parts, lights, confetti, and two huge HD screens so that every part of the audience is able to see the boys clearly at all times.

One Direction came out with so much energy and enthusiasm, and because it was Niall's birthday, he came out with balloons attached to him while playing the guitar and singing. The boys interacted with the fans and even asked if it was anyone's birthday.

One Direction

They sang like angels and even showed off some dance moves. The boys had a great set list for their concert, with most of their songs being the more recent ones. One Direction looked great, which isn't a surprise, because they always look fabulous.

I promise to celebrate tonight like there is no tomorrow. For this is my night. I worked hard for this night. I deserve this night.

Ep - NKOTB & One Direction @ Bridgestone Arena - Nashville, TN -

We just want to be crazy young girls again for a few hours; have some drinks and hear our favorite boys sing the songs we grew up with. Oh, and we want to be as close as possible to them.

meet and greet one direction 2014 nashville tn

NKOTB knows this, so they use the second stage, which stands in the middle of the arena, for a majority of the set. At points, individual platforms would raise, bringing the guys closer to the upper level seats — giving me heart palpitations in the process. Get those guys some harnesses! I absolutely love their wardrobe choices. NKOTB continues to live up to my expectations. I find it fascinating that a group with minimal recent airplay can keep bringing out crowds like this, much like legendary respected Rock bands like The Rolling Stones.

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I was in Group N and am having a heck of a time tracking that password down. Night Two — One Direction: I was told I would have better luck getting into a John Lennon concert. They were so precious; I started to get emotional. My heart sank to see a pile of homemade signs being collected on the sidewalk, as they were not allowed into the arena.

The venue was packed to just about the max. The only seats available were those in the mix shadow and other obstructed views.

meet and greet one direction 2014 nashville tn

The crowd was loud…super loud.