Masters track and field 2014 meet results

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masters track and field 2014 meet results

California High School Outdoor Track & Field. Season: Outdoor. Outdoor: · · · · · · · · · · Meet results. Official Pride Track & Field Meet results are available below. Pride Meet Results · Pride Meet Results · Pride Meet Results · Masters Athletics Auckland. 9 December , Interclub Meet, Newtown Park, Track & Field, Information. 11 December , Waterfront 5km Series .. 28 June , Wellington Mountain Running Champs, Wainui. Results. -. 13 June

What about world indoor masters meets? The third was in March in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The next is in Daegu City, South Korea. Perkins was re-elected inagain defeating Harvey.

He leads an Executive Committee that meets several times a year in person but also by conference call. How can I learn more about masters track? Besides this site, you can check out several popular blogs, including the Women Running Together site by masters runner Carmel Papworth-Barnum. National Masters Newsa monthly publication published by sprinter Amanda Scotti and Tish Ceccarelli has a small but loyal readership.

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The history of masters track is well-covered on mastershistory. Several Facebook pages cater to masters. How can I get in touch with other masters? Post a comment on our blog. Register for our Forums. You can send PMs private messages to other members of our Forums, a popular message board. How much does it cost to compete in masters meets?

masters track and field 2014 meet results

USATF has a list of addresses and phone numbers. Most associations have Web sites. Also check your local white pages. Many offices are staffed part-time, however. You may get a recording. Where else can I compete?

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Many meet directors of college invitationals will gladly accept your money. Call the campus track office in January or February and ask for a meet schedule, or search for their website. Specify your age, and say you want to run with others in your ability range. Any other meet ideas?

Check with local sporting goods and running shoe stores about all-comer meets, which are generally low-key, unsophisticated affairs that charge nominal entry fees. They may lack automatic timing, however. What about Senior Olympics? State and local events usually include a track meet, which serves as qualifying meet age 50 and over for the National Senior Olympics aka National Senior Games.

The meet will be in Minneapolis. What is automatic timing good for? AT redundantly called FAT, for fully automatic timing helps when comparing yourself with other masters. It also means the meet management is probably sharp enough to send results into National Masters News or this Web site.

Hand-timing is generally two-tenths of a second faster.

masters track and field 2014 meet results

WMA has established a set of standards and formulas for comparing performances of people in different age groups. Originally, this was done to help score multi-events like the decathlon and heptathlon.

Through age-grading, you can see how your marks fare against older or younger athletes.

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Typically, you want to know what your mark is equivalent to in open competition folks in the age range. How do I determine my age-graded marks? Use the age-graded converters online or multiply your time or metric mark by factors posted on the WMA site. Who keeps masters records? A better reference is Wikipedia. I think I set a record!

How do I go about getting it ratified? If you set a record in a masters nationals or a world championship, meet organizers will take care of paperwork. But if you set a record in most any other meet, you need to get the forms filled out just so and shoot off the application lickety-split.

So what are the weights of masters implements? So where do I buy these implements? These retailers maintain websites and ship stuff like your usual mail-order catalogs.

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No need to insure shots, however. What about hurdle heights and distances? And see a comprehensive discussion on where to put the barriers on the track. A one-day event, men do the long jump, javelin,discus and outdoors and the 60 hurdles, long jump, shot put, high jump and indoors. Women do the hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and outdoors and the 60 hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and indoors. Other so-called combined events are detailed here.

How do I start? I last ran track 30 years ago. How do I start again? Your head and heart tell you a second should be a breeze. Your aching limbs and strained muscles will tell you otherwise. Work up to full speed carefully. Stretching and easy striding are key.

Where do I train? Many high schools and colleges leave their gates open to the track. But many masters spend lots of time in health clubs, on home treadmills and just charging up the 50m hill at the local park. I do field events. Sometimes you have to buy some PVC pipes to make your own hurdles or high-jump standards. But the pit is still the one at the high school.

Where can I get coaching help? Should I join a local track club? Some of my high school friends are having a tough time as well. My high school and college track and cross country friend, Kevin, is dealing with the fact that his father, Elmer, is suffering from a number of issues — hydrocephalus fluid in the brainblood clots in the brain, has suffered a couple of strokes, and has had trouble talking.

As my friends start to deal with dying parents, I start to suffer as well, knowing that in short time I will be experiencing something similar with my parents. Another high school friend of mine, Eric, who ran some excellent 10K times while at Sonoma State, broke his back in three places, and combined with knee injuries, can no longer run.

That struck a chord. And the week before I left for France this year for the world masters track championships, I received a group email from one of my high school friends that had been on the track team with me, informing us he had Multiple System Atrophy, and that most likely he would die in the next few years. When I read his email I was stunned — he is 50 as well. And so I ask myself, why am I running so well and yet my high school track compatriot is suffering in a wheelchair?

The obvious answer is a combination of genetics, determination, and luck. Why do some people suffer more than others? How do we find meaning in the midst of the inevitability of physical and mental suffering?

Doug is fourth from the right. When I was young attending Cal State University Northridge, I naively thought that if I went to the Oviatt Library enough then I would find the answers somewhere deep within the rows and shelves of books. Towards the end of college I realized that I was not going to find the answers there, and believed that my life experiences might behold some truths.

But now at fifty, with five decades of experience, the answers have not revealed themselves. From a training point of view, there are a couple of key points. The second factor has been allowing my body to fully recover after a hard workout or a race by doing easy runs until I felt ready for another hard workout, which for me has been three to five full days.

Although this has put me on an irregular 8—10 day workout schedule, it has worked for me. I can come up with a full list, like how I increased my mileage to sixty miles per week, the type of intervals I did, etc. Is it because I took 27 years off of running before I started again? Doug was 13th in 4: His PR for the year was 4: So at 50 the reality of aging and suffering has been an emotional blender of self-reflection. But running has allowed me to forget about those things if only for a few minutes at a time.

Running a track race is so intense for me that my mind is purged of extraneous thoughts and all I can do is focus on the race itself.