Gary meet up times prehistoric party 2014

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gary meet up times prehistoric party 2014

The Prehistoric Party has officially kicked off all around the Introduction: When entering the Time Trekker, you will be greeted be Gary who will tell you a little bit about time travel. To start obtaining dino eggs, first open up the Dino Egg menu Club Penguin Gary Meet-Up Times January →. Prehistoric Party Coming Soon! Well, they dug it up, and are bringing it back! These are the following upcoming Meetup times that Gary will log into. Posts about Prehistoric Party written by Loo Prehistoric Party Rooms · January 23, Loo During the Prehistoric Party, . Gary Meetup Times.

In The Spoiler Alertit was confirmed the transformations from last year's party will be returning. The Raptor and the Stegosaurus were confirmed to be new dinosaurs for the party on both the membership page and episode 8 of The Spoiler Alert.

Prehistoric Party 2013

It is the first party to have a different loading screen temporarily during a party. The temporary loading screen takes slightly longer than the normal loading screen.

Unlike last year, dinosaurs can't puke. Instead, they throw snowballs. In honor of the Dinosaur Puffles ' discovery, Club Penguin released new merchandise in the Zazzle website. During the party, the pizza emote was replaced with a square pizza emote. After the Prehistoric era, it is thought that there was an ice-age which may have caused prehistoric animals such as Dinosaur Puffles and Giant Sabertooth Fish to go extinct, because a Giant Sabertooth Fish and a Sabertooth Squid was seen in the Ice Cave.

gary meet up times prehistoric party 2014

This indicates that there is something under the dirt! After you have found a dino egg, it will be recorded in your dino egg menu column.

gary meet up times prehistoric party 2014

After completing each set of of dino eggs, you can now obtain the free item with the corresponding set! Lastly, to transform into a dino, simply click on any of the eggs you have obtained and click the transform button.

Prehistoric Party 2014 Cheats

To obtain a Dino Puffle, you first have to dig up a dino puffle egg! To do this, head on over to one of the many digging grounds, just like you did for finding dino eggs, and continue digging until you have found at least 1 dino puffle egg. After obtaining the dino puffle egg, it will of course be added to your egg menu column.

gary meet up times prehistoric party 2014

Next, go to your egg menu and click on the Equip button next to the dino puffle egg you collected. The only dino puffle egg available right now is the Blue Dino Puffle.

The Dino Puffle egg will now be attached to your penguin. This glitch was fixed the next day.

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If you clicked your Player Card as a Pteranodon and then clicked a place on the wall while you transformed back into a penguin on ground, your penguin would waddle onto the wall. If you put on the Tour Guide Hat and held up the sign, then became a dinosaur, the dinosaur would be "holding" the penguin and you could carry it anywhere, as prey. Sometimes when using another browser, the eggs you collected in the previous browser would be gone. If you were friends with Gary the Gadget Guy and he was on your friend list, it would say "offline" for the whole party.

This glitch was happening to all mascots since the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit with Rockhopper.

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