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THE 47th ANNUAL FREEDLANDER SWIM MEET. Hosted by. THE WOOSTER RECREATION SWIM CLUB. June 26, 27 & 28, Held under USA Swimming . Oct 28, - Rent from people in Lodi, OH from $31 NZD/night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in countries. Belong anywhere with Airbnb. See what Kara Freedlander (kfrdlndr) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.

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The Allen Ginsberg Project: William Burroughs' (July reading at Naropa)

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What can I do? I simply could not stand to see my cats hungry. The rain forests of Borneo and South America are going Therefore, when considering which subspecies to bring to Oregon, managers should reintroduce the subspecies with traits better-suited to cope with the types of habitat, prey assemblages, and oceanographic conditions specific to Oregon. This perspective suggests that both subspecies have an equal chance at surviving in any type of suitable habitat because all otters behave in similar ways.

Therefore, ecologically, it may not matter which subspecies managers bring to Oregon. Kelp is considered important sea otter habitat.

In areas with high sea otter densities, such as central and southern California, kelp forests are persistent throughout the year. However, in Oregon, our kelp primarily consists of bull kelp — a slightly more fragile species compared to the durable giant kelp in California.

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In winter, this bull kelp gets dislodged during intense storms, resulting in seasonal changes in kelp availability. Managers worry that this seasonality could reduce the amount of suitable habitat, to the point where Oregon may not be able to support sea otters.

Yet, we know sea otters used to exist here; therefore, we can assume there must have been some suitable habitat that may persist today. Furthermore, sea otters use a range of habitats, including estuaries, bays, and reefs Laidre et al. Therefore, even during times when kelp is less abundant, sea otters could use these other forms of habitat along the Oregon coast.

Luckily, we have the spatial tools and data to assess how much, where, and when we have suitable habitat, and I will specifically address this in my thesis. Sea otters are famous for their voracious appetites for benthic invertebrates, some of which are of commercial and recreational importance to nearshore fisheries.

To better anticipate these impacts, managers will need an understanding of how much sea otters eat, where foraging could occur based on the availability of prey, and where sea otters and fisheries are likely to interact. I will also address this concern in my thesis. Suzi Eszterhas To reintroduce or not to reintroduce?

That is the question. Those who argue against a reintroduction often highlight many of the theories already mentioned here — lack of habitat, potential impacts to fisheries, and genetics.

While other opponents provided more logistical and practical justifications, such as confounding politics, as well as difficulties in getting public support and regulatory permission to move a federally-listed species. In contrast, proponents of this idea argue that a reintroduction could augment the recovery of the species by providing additional habitat for the species to rebound to pre-exploitation levels, as well as allowing for increased gene flow between southern and northern sea otter populations.

Other proponents have brought up potential benefits to humans, such restoring ecosystem services, providing an economic boost through tourism, or preserving tribal and cultural connections. Such benefits may be worth attempting another reintroduction effort.

As you can see, there are several opinions and perspectives related to a potential sea otter reintroduction to Oregon.