5sos meet and greet nyc 2014

5 Seconds of Summer Meet You There Tour: Review – Arts + Culture

5sos meet and greet nyc 2014

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The pavilion lit up in blue as the audience placed blue sticky notes onto the backs of their phones, their flashlights illuminating through the paper and bathing the stadium in cool blue.

5 Seconds of Summer Meet You There Tour: Review

Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings sat on a ledge in the middle of the stage, playing guitar and backing Hood up. The crowd was alive with the nostalgia of the last seven years of 5 Seconds of Summer and they began to sway, arms raised as they sang tunefully along to the timeless fan favorite.

Of course, the guys of 5SOS would not be themselves if they did not partake in witty banter on stage. The amusing repartee was followed by endless praise and thanks from each of the guys as they thanked the audience countless times for coming out and singing along with them as well as acknowledging their extreme luck as musicians.

5sos meet and greet nyc 2014

The lights zeroed in on Michael Clifford and his velvety voice carried over the speakers as he began to sing the opening lines. I cannot tell a lie — I kind of wanted to cry! The stadium lit up in orange hearts as a result of another fan project dedicated to the beloved song that means so much to so many as Clifford continued to serenade the crowd.

Clifford once again showcased his strong vocal abilities. Hemmings ditched his guitar momentarily to strut across stage with the microphone, shouting and dancing as he continuously hyped the crowd up, urging them to sing along with him.

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Hemmings began dancing, his back to the crowd as he let the music take over. At that, the audience turned wild, waving both their phones and their hands in the air. The pulsing, an electric current that tied us all together. We knew that this was it — this is the final song, the end.

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For a split second, the crowd went silent. The concert was over. The 5SOS guys returned center stage and bowed as the audience shouted their appraisal toward them, some even throwing roses.

5 Seconds of Summer with fans at Z100 Radio in NYC

Pada tanggal 13 Meiband ini mengumumkan bahwa album debut mereka, berjudul 5 Seconds of Summerakan dirilis pada tanggal 27 Juni di Eropa dan Australia dengan rilis di negara lain yang akan rilis kemudian hari. Album ini memenangkan penghargaan Kerrang! Billboard berkata tentang lagu itu 'Dengan performa vokal mengejutkan dan lirik yang paling membakar di album, single baru mereka "Amnesia" menetapkan dirinya sebagai Pose Serius 5 Seconds of Summer.

Mengambil pendengar yang lebih tua dan kembali ke perasaan relatif sakit hati yang larut dalam asmara SMA, "Amnesia" menunjukkan fleksibilitas 5SOS, dan kita bertanya-tanya mengapa lagu ini terkubur di akhir debut album mereka.

4 questions for 5 Seconds of Summer

Pada tanggal 12 Agustus, mereka mengumumkan album studio kedua mereka berjudul Sounds Good Feels Good. Album ini menjadi album kedua mereka di Australia dan yang pertama di Britania Raya.

5sos meet and greet nyc 2014

Di Amerika Serikat, 5 Seconds of Summer menjadi band pertama bukan grup vokal yang mempunyai dua album pertama yang memuncaki tangga album di Amerika Serikat.

Band ini merilis single ketiga berjudul "Jet Black Heart" pada tanggal 17 Desemberbersama dengan video musik yang fitur dengan beberapa penggemar mereka. Pada tahunband ini mengadakan Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour yang termasuk konser laris di stadion dan arena. Pada tanggal 3 Juniband ini mengumumkan single mereka yang berjudul "Girls Talk Boys". Youngblood[ sunting sunting sumber ] Pada tanggal 13 Januariband ini mejadi fitur di lagu berjudul "Take What You Want" milik band rock asal Jepang One Ok Rockdari album studio kedelapan mereka, Ambitions.

Disamping tur, grup ini juga tampil di festival musik, mengadakan sesi akustik di stasiun radio, dan membuat penampilan TV.

5sos meet and greet nyc 2014

Pada tanggal 9 Aprilband mengumumkan album studio ketiga mereka, Youngblood, akan dirilis pada tanggal 22 Juni Band ini mengumumkan tanggal tur utama keempat mereka, Meet You There Tour, yang dimulai pada tanggal 2 Agustus dan bertempat di berbagai arena di Jepang, Selandia Baru, Australia, Kanada, Amerika Serikat, dan Eropa, yang selesai pada tanggal 19 November