Things You Should Know about Having Defense Attorneys

Every people don’t want to have problem with law or become criminal. But, there are many factors that can eventually make you become one. Even though you don’t want that, but, it can’t be helped and avoided. The worst situation is you did nothing, but you are charged for felony or other lawsuit. You don’t want that happen.  If this is what happened to you, you must be careful. Keep your head cool and you ask help from the criminal defense attorney.

There are many reasons why you need the attorney. It’s not only they will help you to finish the lawsuit process faster and easier. But, you also need them, so, you will get what is your right. This means your charge will matches with what you do. Therefore, it’s important to ask their help for any case you are facing. Even it’s just as simple as DUI, criminal defense attorney is important. Why? For example, if you are charged with DUI, it can develop into more serious case. You can even get charged for attempting for a murder, which is one of whole different level than DUI case. You will get charged with heavy punishment and it will be bad, we assure that. The DUI attorney Phoenix knows about this. They won’t help you to get totally free from any lawsuit that you have. But, they will help you to get the right charge on the court. So, if you are proved that you are not guilty, you will be free. On the other hand, if you are guilty, they will help you to get the right charged for your case. Not overpowered charged like mentioned before.

When? Yes, this is also the most important question you have to answer. You must know when you need to use this service. And, if we have to say, there are two moment, before and after your charges is filed. It would be better, if you use and prepare for their help before you get any charged. With this preparation, they will be able to help and learn more about your case before they help you. With this, they can give you the best help that you can get. But, you also can call for their help after you get charged.

Having the best backup is important for you, because the importance of the defense attorney. There are many of them that you can find and it’s easily to find, because most of defense attorney also has website where you can get more information about them as well as the way to contact them. For Phoenix area, AC Law Group is one of them. They provide the defense help for many different cases that you might have. For example, if you have DUI case, Family law problem and many more, they will be ready to help you. Using the online help like this is also great choice because you can save so much time to get the help. You don’t need to leave your house and get the help directly from their office, just use your internet and you get what you need. The free consultation service is also great feature. It’s important for client like you; especially when you have no knowledge about your case or how the law is supposed to be. Asking anything to your defense attorney is a must as client. You don’t want to face an important case that charged to you blindfolded, don’t you? Even though it said that the attorney will deal with everything, but as client and the people who got lawsuit, you also need to know more about your problem. This will help you to prepare your mental and take the right decision for your case.

Now, there is the last problem that you need to deal with. It’s the fee. As we all know, hiring a defense attorney need lot of fund, especially if you want the best one. The best attorney will give you guarantee that you can solve your problem perfectly, like what you want. Fortunately, there are many affordable one out there, like AC Law Group. So, you don’t need to worry. Get the right one, and get your case finished without problem.

Paralegal Career Options

Qualified lawyers often have specialized assistants to aid them in their work, and it is these paraprofessionals who are referred to as paralegals. Paralegals can help lawyers in various legal divisions, ranging from clerical jobs to highly substantial legal work. These paraprofessionals are most often under the watchful eye of the attorney or lawyer they are assisting. As logic would say, it definitely is a good field to be in, but the looming difference is that a paralegal cannot do all the jobs or duties that a licensed lawyer can, and one of the biggest differences here is presenting or appearing in court. Paralegal careers generally involve helping the lawyer prepare for hearings/trials/closings, etc. But what are the other choices in this profession? Take a look…

Career Aspects

To be a lawyer, or at least be in the field of law is a long harbored dream to many. Unfortunately though, not everyone can make it there. The reasons could be varied. Maybe it’s the financial aspect, maybe it’s the academic (some people just cannot make it through law school for so many years). Whatever the reason, there is a way to work around it. The way to work around it in law is by picking a career as a paralegal. One of the most common, and perhaps even the best option for a paralegal is to join a law firm. Once a person has chosen the path of a paralegal, he must be prepared to take care of all sorts of jobs, especially since it makes for a great learning experience. But, what are the duties of a paralegal? Let’s get a look at it…

The growth for paralegals is fairly substantial as compared to what it used to be at one time. Opportunities vary right from law firms to companies that have departments dealing with all legal procedures. There isn’t a company which does not have to deal with at least the basics such as tax returns, contracts of various sorts, agreements, etc. It is at times like these that a paralegal has a lot to do, thus getting a chance at learning about his various duties. However, it is also essential to bear in mind that no matter what the amount of work indulged in, the possibility of a court appearance, is practically nil.

Starting off as a paralegal may sometimes lead you to believe that it is the end of your legal aspirations. Luckily though, it isn’t so. Even after having a paralegal career, goals can still be high, because the possibility of a promotion is always there. On doing a good job, and fulfilling duties well, it isn’t uncommon for seniors to allot more challenging tasks to the paraprofessionals working under their guidance. In fact, when preparing a paralegal resume, it is always a good idea to make your goals extremely clear. At this point, you could also make a mention of any achievement during your academic term. More specifically, one could also mention things such as internships or the likes, which will act as proof that you are indeed serious about what you do, and that the aspirations are real. Real potential can give you the chance to becoming a paralegal manager too, thus allowing you to earn more than the average paralegal salary too.

The fact that there may be doubt involved when it comes to the concrete details of paralegal careers, is no surprise. Reference to a good paralegal career guide in a case like such would then work as the best solution. You will get all the information that you were looking for and much more. Right from educational requirements, to duties and responsibilities, or even names of companies that hire paralegals, you’ll find it all in there. Going through a guide like this will help get rid of any apprehensions that may have taken over upon choosing to become a paralegal.

Working your way through this career is just as important as any other career. Becoming a senior in this field after years of the much required experience will also broaden your horizons, thus enabling you to secure even supervisory jobs in the future. So, good luck with your endeavor as paralegal.

Paralegal Studies

Students are enrolled in colleges and universities throughout the nation in order to pursue their dreams, utilize their talents, and improve the world for future generations. If you are one of these students, and you are unsure about your career path, you may be interested in learning about the numerous opportunities that a paralegal career has to offer.

Advance your written and analytical skills

Aside from earning a degree, you must also improve your writing and analytical thinking skills throughout your college career in order to succeed as a paralegal. By sharpening your skills in organization, project management, and attention to detail, you can easily transition from being a student to having a career as a professional once you walk across the podium and receive your degree.


While you are still enrolled in a college or university paralegal studies program, you should strive to meet as many people in the legal field as you can. By joining a paralegal association, you will have an opportunity to meet various legal professionals, who will provide you with career tips, resources, and new networking opportunities. Networking contacts can offer advice and recommendations, and can also support you during your search for new opportunities to use your talents, education, and past work experiences to positively impact the legal industry. Networking can help you pursue more business relationships, mentorships, and new jobs.

Law firms utilize paralegal talent for project management services

Project management services are in constant demand by law firms. As a result, while handling large discovery requests, attorneys often seek help from their paralegals, who will supervise document review, especially at firms that do not have permanent project management teams or large discovery litigation.

Paralegals operate facilities that create web-based review systems

In 2007, the federal rules that governed electronic discovery (eDiscovery) were changed, driven by continued growth in litigation, as well as the explosion of electronic data in recent years. Paralegals are now needed to operate the remote, modular facilities that create paperless, Web-based review systems, as a process-driven model for electronic discovery, has been widely adopted, featuring the metrics and collaborative elements required to ensure a truly defensible process.

Experienced paralegals help law firms attain optimal success

Experienced paralegals can develop skills in organization, communication, delegation, and evaluation, making them just as effective as project managers. Law firms need to utilize the skill sets of paralegals to operate in an efficient manner.

As technology continues to evolve, paralegals can keep pace by increasing their knowledge of telecommunications, databases, Excel spreadsheets, and legal research software. In recent years, legal technology has created two new paralegal niches―litigation support and eDiscovery. By advancing their technological skill sets, paralegals will have a competitive advantage within the legal profession, as they successfully support law firms in both litigation and eDiscovery implementations.

By earning a degree and obtaining work experience through internships, you can have a highly rewarding and satisfying position as a paralegal professional. To obtain a position, you will need an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, or a four-year degree in any discipline, in addition to a certificate in paralegal studies. By acquiring a high-quality liberal arts education, as well as a thorough understanding of the legal profession, you will be well-prepared for future career success.

What Does a Paralegal Do

As the name suggests, a paralegal is related to the field of law. They are not in mainstream legal procedures or lawsuits. A paralegal assists lawyers in things like interacting with the client for the first time, interviewing them, case preparation, legal research, courtroom assistance, draft legal documents, etc. A paralegal is a non-lawyer who assists lawyers in their day-to-day work.

Assisting lawyers can be one of the identifications for paralegals or they can have an independent status as license holders just like lawyers, who can offer legal services only in specific lower courts and administrative tribunals. However non-authorized paralegals cannot accept or present cases in any court, give legal advice, and set fees.

Law, being a very vast and complex field of profession, where all the details are kept in the mind while performing the duties, a paralegal is very helpful in assisting a lawyer and does the following:

– Interacting with the clients and interviewing them for the general basic requirements of a case, viz., facts of a case and interview the witnesses as well for their version of the story. Although this is not a very big deal which requires different set of skills, effective communication skills is one aspect which is very essential for the legal procedure, and takes up considerable amount of time from the lawyer’s schedule.
– Paralegals do the research work for every case with references provided by the lawyers, under whom they work. – Research also demands a huge chunk of time, which involves analyzing and organizing relevant material, gathering information, noting the key judgments, etc.
– Prepares documents for cases as well as for filing tax returns, drafting standard letters, for legal correspondence, letters for trust purposes, legal separation, contracts, agreements, etc.
– Paralegals also keep minute details of hearings, meetings, agendas, important deadlines, appointments, keep a track of the working hours spent on a case, etc.
– Preparing for the administrative formalities, making or procuring affidavits also come under the job description.
In the court, the paralegal helps the lawyer with the documents, handing them to him as and when he calls for it. Paralegals also help in filling up forms or petitions and thus rendering ample time to his boss to work towards the trial.
– Prepares written reports, attends court and administrative hearings and trials with the lawyer. Though most of the things that paralegals do may seem clerical in nature, they are of utmost importance in the whole legal arena.

The salary depends not only upon the size and strength of the firm he is with, but also the amount of work he is assigned among the ones mentioned above. Hope this article helped you in knowing what a paralegal does.

Paralegal Duties

The field of law is complex and constantly evolving. With the growing social, political, and economical fabric of the society, the challenge to maintain effective law and order has risen drastically. And so has the workload and stress on lawyers. Catering to the diverse cases in innumerable fields, a lawyers’ profession is generally a race against time! This race has necessitated the need of legal assistants, also called paralegals. Just like medical assistants assist doctors, legal assistants help lawyers in successfully completing their tasks.

Duties of a Paralegal
There are innumerable tasks that are expected from paralegals, right from researching a case, to filing of case forms in the courts. A paralegal is directed by senior lawyers to do thorough research for some case and then update the lawyer about the relevant points of the case. One of the duties is to check the legal documents, and validate them for submission in the court. These duties are not just limited to office work, they are also responsible for scheduling meetings, appointments, and locating witnesses for the lawyers. It won’t be an exaggeration if it is said that a paralegal forms an important part of a lawyer’s success.

A good paralegal can help his lawyer by executing his responsibilities in an excellent manner. His duties also include managing corporate clients, and acting as a source of communication between the lawyer and clients. Since the lawyers can’t always be available for meetings, paralegals are expected to manage and take necessary information from the clients.

There are various specializations of paralegals, and as per the industry they can have varied job descriptions. For example, paralegals working with attorneys in cases of medicines are called nurse paralegals, and they help in cases related to pharmacy! The duties of bankruptcy paralegals are linked to bankruptcy laws. Bankruptcy paralegals are in great demand during a harsh economy wherein the bankruptcy lawsuits filed are in large numbers.

Educational Requirements
The educational requirement for becoming a paralegal is a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, or, in some cases, a master’s level course. The American Bar Association (ABA) approves the certificates and degree courses in paralegal studies. Besides this, it is mandatory for the candidate to pass the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) exam conducted by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). Effective communication skills are of prime importance, as paralegals have to deal with different types of people.

Salary Range
Working as assistants to lawyers is an enriching experience for any learner, and so prospective paralegals must take maximum advantage of the opportunity and learn the skills of this field. The salary range for the lowest 15% of legal assistants are found to be between USD 25,000 to USD 30,000. The highest salary has been up to USD 70,000 (approx) and is enjoyed by paralegals working in fields related to intellectual rights and property taxes.

As we can see, this is a growing field and there is appreciable competition to be recruited as legal assistants of established lawyers. This field presents great career opportunities to its aspirants, and anybody interested in law can pursue it to gain good experience. The duties of a paralegal demand an imposing personality with very good interpersonal skills. So, prepare yourself likewise and then enter into this field. All the best!

Legal Assistant Salary

No one can deny the workload and stress that lawyers, especially established ones, have to go through during their daily tasks of handling cases and proceedings. To reduce the workload of lawyers, assistance is of prime importance. This need of expert trainers who can help lawyers in carrying out various tasks has led to a drastic rise in legal assistant jobs. This job offers great career opportunities as it introduces them to practical experience in the law profession, that can be of significant value to their career development. Besides tremendous opportunities, the salary is also a driving factor that motivates aspirants to go for these jobs.

Job Description
Though lawyers are the main decision makers in chalking out the plan for handling a particular case, generally, they delegate their tasks to legal assistants or paralegals so that they can get time to handle other crucial parameters of the case. The most important task of legal assistants is to help lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trails, and corporate meetings. They are expected to identify and submit reports, legal articles, corresponding case studies, judicial decisions, and other material for legal proceedings. In other words, they help in all types of work that require any legal formalities for any case.

Average Salary
Since legal assistants handle diverse challenges, their salary varies greatly. The income potential depends on education, training, and work experience. A legal assistant with training and education from a coveted institution is preferred by employers as it is an indication of the required skills in an employee. The size of the employer and geographic location also impacts the average salary. If an aspirant is working in a big law firm that has established itself over certain number of years, then he will be able to earn a decent salary. In today’s time, the need of legal assistants in fields such as real estate, bankruptcy, and medical malpractice, has grown significantly. Many firms and hospital care units pay a decent salary to paralegals who are ready to work with these units. The salary for professionals with one to four years of experience is usually between USD 28,000 to USD 42,000. Legal assistants who have worked for a period of 5 to 9 years can enjoy salaries in the range USD 30,000 to USD 43,000. An experienced legal assistant with work experience of about 10 to 19 years earns between USD 37,000 to USD 54,000. Besides the salaries, they also enjoy various perks and benefits. Paid sick leaves, yearly bonuses, 401(k) retirement plans, health insurance, and other types of necessary insurance schemes ensure their security.

The salary also depends on the type of specialization. According to research, in 2009, salaries for in fields like intellectual property, tax, and securities were the highest. Legal assistants in these fields were able to earn salaries as high as USD 65,000. Nowadays, there are more opportunities to scale up the ladder in the field of legal assistance as this field gives its aspirants tremendous scope to learn and upgrade their skills. So, if you are interested in the career of a legal assistant, then you can certainly take it as an opportunity to learn the basics of law in a practical manner.

How to Become a Paralegal

The process of dispensing justice is complex, and it takes many hands and heads to ensure that justice is done. Right from the law enforcement agencies, to lawyers, judges, courts, and the support staff that makes this possible, all play an important role in the process. If you are the kind of person who believes in the ideas of fairness and justice, who enjoys researching and analyzing information, you may have it in you, what it takes to become a paralegal. These professionals assist a lawyer, in his research and lay all the groundwork for the case being argued, under his supervision.

Are you the kind of person who follows John Grisham novels? Do you enjoy watching and following courtroom dramas? Were you interested in being a part of the high school debating team but rather than arguing, you enjoyed being the researcher? Are you the kind of person who, instead of dashing into the limelight, prefers being in the background and doing your job thoroughly? Then, you should think about becoming a paralegal.

Job Description
Although, a paralegal is a legal assistant to a lawyer, he has no right to independently advise anybody on legal matters. An experienced legal assistant is like a lawyer’s shadow. He does a range of tasks, which primarily include the following:

– Handling of client interviews
– Contacting and following up with clients
– Conducting case investigation and witnessing interviews under a lawyer’s supervision
– Perform case background research and investigate facts
– Work on preparation of legal arguments
– Drafting legal arguments
– Organizing the entire documentation of case proceedings, research, and other paperwork
– Courtroom assistance to the lawyer during trial

These professionals are hired by law firms and individual lawyers, either as freshers or for their expertise in specific backgrounds. An experienced professional may decide to become a freelancer and work on a contract basis, for specific cases, with different lawyers. Employment opportunities exist in government offices, corporate companies, and even consumer organizations. This is definitely a great career for a person, who is willing to devote himself to acquiring expertise in legal assistance and applying it to streamline the procedure, for preparing a case.

Steps To Become One
Let us know about the educational background and certification, as well as the skill set, that you need to acquire. Here are some guidelines.

To become a certified paralegal, one needs to get a degree or certificate from a course conducted by any accredited educational institution, approved by the American Bar Association. It is good to go for such a course, after acquiring a bachelor’s degree, as most legal firms require it.

You require a maximum of four years of education, if you go for a degree course and two years for a certificate course. Cost to become one, will depend on the kind of institution and type of course you opt for. Some paralegals are chosen by companies or law firms, for their expertise in specialized fields of law and are later trained on the job.

One of the most essential skills required, is having an eye for minor details, understanding of legal procedures, and an ability to work hard. Skilled lawyers will never be short of work and neither will paralegals.

Paralegal Job Description

If you are interested in a career as a paralegal, than look no further. The job is very similar to that of a lawyer, with the exception that the former can’t offer legal advice or represent cases in the court of law. These professionals step in to help the lawyers do the many tasks that are needed to build a court case.

Educational and Skill Requirements

A paralegal is required to have effective communication skills. He should have a thorough knowledge of legal terminology. Most of them specialize in the litigation process and are fully qualified to help out the attorneys. The educational requirement for this job is the knowledge of law and computers. You can take a certificate course to become one. Bachelor or Associate degrees are also available. These degrees take about two years for completion. You can also voluntarily opt for related certifications from National Association of Legal Assistants, National Federation of Paralegal Associations, or American Alliance of Paralegals. The work environment in this job is mainly indoors with occasional visits to law libraries and courts. These professionals work in many industries apart from the legal world, depending on the area of specialization they choose. For example, there are patent, bankruptcy, nurse, immigration, and real estate paralegals.

Duties and Responsibilities

He is responsible for collecting relevant information related to a case such as researching the case laws, etc. He is supposed to crosscheck the facts and their validity. These professionals help the lawyers by doing the preliminary research before a legal document can be prepared. They perform the task of summarizing and checking legal documents. The drafting of documents is handled by them. Simple tasks like locating the witnesses, preparing the pleading, and obtaining affidavits are carried out by these professionals. They also, at times, keep track of files and transcripts and organize meetings. In short, they do the groundwork for the lawyer and assist him in his job. Since different types of paralegals specialize in different industries, their job description also differs. A nurse paralegal often works with attorneys who have cases relating to medicine. These professionals are specialized in medicine. A real estate paralegal has experience in the real estate industry and helps with case building and collecting research for the cases involving real estate. Bankruptcy paralegals are in high demand these days and are involved with cases pertaining to bankruptcy laws. Immigration paralegals assist clients through the process of immigration. Job description of those like patent paralegals varies accordingly. There are a plenty of career opportunities in this field as one gains a lot of experience to become a full-fledged legal attorney.


According to several surveys, the average salary is around USD 54,000 per annum. Paralegals working with law firms get paid the most. Salary for beginners can vary from USD 38,000 to USD 47,000 per annum, depending on whether they work for government or a corporate firm.

Working as such a professional can help a person interested in the field of law in getting the required exposure. Thus, try exploring as much as you can about this profession, and also make sure that you are firm with your decision of pursuing this career.

Litigation Attorney Job Description

Litigation attorneys, also referred as trial lawyers or litigators handle civil cases and represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil, as well as criminal cases.

Job Description

For an attorney, there are a number of things involved in handling a typical case.

A basic task of a trial lawyer is that he or she carries out a preliminary investigation to make sure that there is adequate evidence for filing a lawsuit. Conversely, in case of the defendant, he checks whether the evidence is enough to defend that individual.

This initial investigation can involve finding witnesses, taking their statements, interviewing the client, gathering requisite documents, and investigating the facts leading to the potential case. Apart from this, litigators also engage in pre-litigation and trial settlement discussions for resolution of matters, prior to a lawsuit being filed.

Litigators draft a number of pleadings and motions, for representing the plaintiff or defendant. Typically, the summons and complaints are drafted by the plaintiff’s attorney for commencing the lawsuit. The defendant’s attorney responds on his behalf, to the summons.

This task of a litigation attorney is referred to as discovery. Here, typically, the parties involved in the case, exchange information related to the case. Interrogatives, depositions, and a few other devices are used by civil litigators for getting vital information related to the lawsuit. This is important for the attorneys, for the purpose of obtaining related information, identifying issues, and formulating a case strategy.

Another important thing an attorney is responsible for is the pre-trial stage, for which the attorneys get done with the discovery, weeks prior to the trial. That is when the pre-trial meetings happen. If the case is settled at the pre-trial stage, then the attorney will not have to see the courtroom for the trial.

Even for the pre-trial, they consult and advise their clients. A litigation lawyer also comes up with a trial strategy based on facts and evidence. Drafting and arguing pre-trial motions is also done by them. Steps towards a possible lawsuit settlement are taken at this stage.

This is where a litigator’s law skills are tested. If the case is not settled in the pre-trial stage, the attorney has to work all the way, to present his arguments, as strongly as he can, in front of the judge. Cross-examination, examination, opening, and closing statements are a very important part of a trial.

Apart from this, on occasions, a litigator may settle a case at any juncture during the period of litigation. Finally, if the outcome of the trial is not satisfactory, according to him/her, he or she has the right to appeal in a higher court.

Salary of a Litigation Attorney

An individual’s experience and his position matter a lot when it comes to the salary. On an average, the nationwide pay for an attorney is around USD 120,000, starting from USD 61,000. This amount can fluctuate, depending on the region in which, he or she is practicing. For instance, average salary in northeast is USD 145,000, in southeast it is USD 120,000, and in the northwest, it is USD 110,000.

The resume of a litigation attorney can contain salary expectations attached with it. But another intangible thing which cannot be put there are the wishes of those who have been helped by him. All in all, much like many others, this job is challenging to the core.

Cause of Action

When an aggrieved party needs to file a civil or criminal lawsuit in the court of law, he or she needs to present a cause of action. On the basis of this, judicial action will be taken to provide relief to the aggrieved party or plaintiff. Under the English Law, this legal document is known as the Statement of Claim, and a Complaint in the U.S.

The legal definition is “The basis of a lawsuit that is founded on legal grounds and alleged facts which, if proved, would constitute all the ‘elements’ required by statute.”

What is it?
It is a technical law term used to explain facts that help give rise to a claim that can be put forth in a court. When someone’s legal rights are offended by any person or organization, the aggrieved party has a right to sue. With the help of this legal mechanism, a plaintiff needs to prove all the points covered that helps take the offending party to court.

It comes from either a statute passed by the parliament or from a common law. Judges, over time, form a common law based on similar cases bought to them in the court of law. These common laws help in development of cause of action required for different cases that need court action. The type will help determine which court will hear one’s case, i.e., civil or criminal court. Without a valid basis, no court will hear a dispute or pass a decision. The claim will be dismissed and the person filing the case may be asked to pay a fine.

What is the Need?
One needs a valid cause of action as there are many people who may suffer from a loss or injury. Everyone will seek legal action, and people will be suing anyone and everyone according to their whims and fancies. Thus, the legal system has developed conditions for different cases that need to follow this basis, for a matter to be taken up for a hearing.

There are different types under which a plaintiff can plead or allege facts in his/her complaint. This helps in pleading an initiation of a lawsuit. The legal theory―the legal wrong suffered by the plaintiff, and the remedy―the relief asked by the plaintiff to the court, is covered by the course of action. A person may seek judicial relief on multiple causes of action depending on the different circumstances.

– Statutory causes of action
– Torts like assault, battery, invasion of privacy, negligence, slander, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress
– Contract-based action
– Equity suits like unjust enrichment and quantum meruit

The plaintiff needs to prove the points called the ‘elements’ mentioned in the same. This will help in winning the case by the plaintiff. If there is insufficient proof to support the element of claim, the court may dismiss the complaint for failure to state a claim, after the opposing party moves a motion. The defendant, on the other hand, needs to ‘Answer’ the complaints filed. He can admit, deny, or provide insufficient details as a response. He may even provide counterclaim answers called the ‘Counterclaim Plaintiff’ against the plaintiff, along with a course of action. Depending on the proof given by the plaintiff, and the answers received from the defendant, the court will pass a judgment.

A Complaint is the first step to initiate a legal process. If you have any doubts, you may seek professional legal advice from an attorney. Hope the above paragraphs have helped cover most of your doubts related to statement of claim.