How to Become a Patent Lawyer

Patent law is a challenging field of work and a great choice for people with a strong sense of technology and impeccable verbal skills. Patent lawyers represent their clients and are responsible for filing the patents for them. They also provide legal advice to manufacturers and investors on patents. Becoming a patent lawyer takes a formidable education and training. Let us know more about how to become a patent lawyer.

Educational Requirements and Training
An aspiring candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in the field of science or engineering. Some of the bachelor degrees that one can take up before joining the law school are

– Biology
– Biochemistry
– Microbiology
– Electrical engineering
– Communication technology
– Civil engineering
– Mechanical engineering
– Chemical engineering

As you can see, all these degrees are in the science and technology fields. Candidates who have earned their bachelor’s degrees in other fields and still aspire to be a patent lawyer, provided they have earned specific number of credits. Depending upon your bachelor’s degree, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) puts you under three categories; A, B and C.

After completing the bachelor’s degree, a candidate has to clear the law entrance examination. One needs to get good ratings in this examination as it is very crucial for getting a good recommendation to specific law schools. Most of the law schools have three-year courses and in the first year, the students are taught constitutional law, civil procedure and property laws. In the second year, the students can choose their own legal interests. Students who are interested in becoming a patent lawyer study entertainment law, intellectual property law, copyright law, trademark law, antitrust law etc.

Students can also get a real experience of patent law cases by applying for internships at the US court of Appeals. Students can also take up advanced courses in the patent law field to enhance their prospects while applying for jobs. There are certain law schools in the United States which attract millions of applications every year, but unfortunately as the seats are quite limited, only some thousand students are able to make the cut. Let us take a look at some of the best law schools in America.

1. Yale Law School
2. Harvard Law School
3. Stanford Law School
4. Columbia University School of Law
5. University of Chicago Law School
6. New York University School of Law
7. University of Pennsylvania Law School
8. The University of Michigan Law School
9. University of California-Berkeley Law School
10. University of Virginia School of Law

Students who are interested in being a patent lawyer should know that perseverance and determination are the qualities to ensure success in this field. We hope that this article helps you in getting a brief idea about how to become a patent lawyer.

Tips to Find Cheap Divorce Lawyers

A divorce affects you mentally as well as financially. Mentally because you’re emotionally hurt and financially because you need to take care of property rights, child custody rights, court expenses, and to top it all, the fees of a lawyer. Truth is, a good lawyer’s fee might blow away all your hard-earned money.

While filing for a divorce, both the parties face several monetary setbacks. People who are from a middle class family for example, with a low annual income, have problems in getting hold of good lawyers. These tips, however, might come as a relief.

Tips to Follow

Learn from Experiences
Talk to people who’ve got a divorce. They already know half the things you might end up paying for. Secondly, you’ll get references of quite a few lawyers yourself. Maybe someone can put in a word for you.

Legal Aid
Legal aid is available to people who don’t have money to file a divorce or to pay a lawyer. However, different governments and organizations offer different types of aid. Talk to a few people regarding these options. Hunt for support groups on the Internet; these can be of help.

Talk To Your Partner
In a divorce, the lawyers charge you more as division of the property takes a lot of time, thus costing you more. It takes time to come to a conclusion as to who will take what and how much, how the property will be divided, in whose custody will the child be, etc. All this goes on for days, giving the lawyers a chance to milk out more money from you. So, it is best that before you approach a lawyer, you sit with your spouse and discuss the way you both want things to be. The only thing left after this is paperwork, which the lawyers have to do, and they will charge very little for that.

Check Online
A lot of legal firms have their own websites. Check these websites and the profiles of lawyers who work for them. Gather as much information as possible. Sometimes, you will find freshers who can help you for cheap.

Now that you’re equipped with these tips, start your hunt soon. The best option is to mutually solve as many issues as you can with your partner.